AU decries Madagascar election 'violations'

ANTANANARIVO - The African Union has warned that it will not recognize the results of upcoming elections in Madagascar.

The organisation says President Andry Rajoelina is not eligible to run.

Rajoelina has previously committed not to run in the elections, but later reneged on this promise.

He's led the Indian ocean nation since ousting former president Marc Ravalomanana in a 2009 coup.  

Rajoelina announced he planned to run for the elections, after his rival Marc Ravalomanana’s wife Lalao declared her candidacy.

The AU has criticised both candidates and says their decision to contest the vote violates the election laws of Madagascar.

The European Union and France want the Electoral Commission to halt the July 24 elections, something the Malagasy say they won't do. 

Now the country's electoral commission claims France and the European Union are threatening to suspend funding for the ballot.

Béatrice Atalla of the Independent National Electoral Commission said, "We are ready on a technical level but the Cenit cannot act alone. We have received calls from France and the European Union who are going to suspend funding for the Cenit but we aren't discouraged."

- eNCA


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