#Zambia50: Zambia needs more young and creative leaders

Zambian blogger Chipo Chitambi-Mando writes about everything she experiences, music, movies and love from her own humourous perspective. Photo: Supplied

Introduce yourself...

My name is Chipo Chitambi-Mando. I am 25 years old. I live in Lusaka, Zambia.

My blog, Autumn Eyez, is a humor blog. I talk about everything I experience - music, movies, love, events, travel and media happenings, from my point of view which is usually humorous. My blog also covers issues that affect women in Zambia and in general.

Why did you start blogging?

I believe we are all story tellers and I have always wanted to live a life worth telling.  As I became more familiar with the internet I discovered blogging. I could occupy my own space on the internet and tell the world my story as I lived it. I started blogging when I discovered that I had something to offer to the world.

What do you love about Zambia?

What I love about Zambia is the peaceful nature of its people. Living in Zambia has the challenges of being a developing nation but the peace makes everything more bearable. I also love how friendly most people are.

People on public transport have conversations with total strangers like friends. I also love the traditional Zambian cuisine. The more I venture out and taste foreign cuisine, the more I grow to appreciate the earthy nature of Zambian food.

What makes the people of Zambia special and unique to others in Africa?

What makes Zambians unique is their love for peace. We have had a peaceful succession of five presidents in 50 years. That alone is testament of the peace we treasure.

Tell us about the digital space in Zambia? How does this impact on your ability to express yourself?

The digital space in Zambia is in its infancy. People are only beginning to realize its potency now. The challenge most Zambians face is the poor Internet connection and the high internet costs. There are no government restrictions on internet use and there is definitely freedom of expression on the digital space.

This means that my content is not restricted as a blogger. I am free to write my opinions without fear. I must mention that the reading culture of most Zambians is very poor. Most of my reader traffic comes from other countries, probably Zambians in the diaspora.

After 50 years of independence in Zambia what do you think still needs to change?

After 50 years, there are so many things that I can point out. Our medical systems and facilities need a face-lift. Qualified doctors are being trained but they lack the state of the art equipment needed to save lives.

Proper road networks need to be made to cater for the increasing population in the cities.

Our leaders are too old and out of touch with the majority of the citizens. We need more young and creative people to be in leadership.

The high unemployment rates need to be countered by making the business environment more favorable for local entrepreneurs. And lastly women need to be put in high esteem. The number of Gender Based Violence and Sexual Abuse cases are rising which reveals an underlying problem of how lowly women are viewed by men.

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