And Finally...

A lock of hair belonging to the Austro-Hungarian Emperor Franz Joseph has been auctioned in Vienna.
Millionaires sick of nightmarish bottlenecks on the roads are taking to the skies, relying on a massive fleet of private helicopters to get around town.
Global sales of instant noodles have topped 100 billion units annually -- more than one monthly serving of the portable meal for every person on the planet.
A ruby-adorned silver and gold belt buckle from "Dallas" forms the centerpiece of an auction of personal items of late actor Larry Hagman, who played J.R. Ewing.
Today marks World Penguin Day, aimed at promoting the health and conservation of these flightless birds.
An extremely rare blue diamond sold for €7.3 million euros at a London auction on Wednesday, setting a new world record for price per carat.
Professional adult artists tour and perform for children across the war-torn country.
Fat blockade headache will soon be a thing of the past in London.
A short film celebrating the words of former president Nelson Mandela is being screened on electronic billboards in New York's Times Square.
Biologists have discovered that a certain type of reef-dwelling predator fish make "referential gestures" to hunting mates, to maximise their chances of finding prey to eat.
A robot has discovered three ancient chambers in the last stretch of an unexplored tunnel at Mexico's famed Teo-ti-hua-can temple complex.
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