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eNCA announces the premiere of Movers and Shakers

Posted on: Mon 08 Apr 2013

In a country as rich and diverse as South Africa, there a many great men and women to admire. They are the brilliant thinkers of our time, they are captains of industry. They are heroes and heroines from our sports fields, the visionary entrepreneurs, the inspirational speakers and creative champions we would like to emulate. Movers & Shakers offers viewers the opportunity to get inside their heads. 

Join Vusi Zion for a series of intimate exposés with some of the most renowned thought leaders in the country.  From politics to business, media, culture and technology, Movers &Shakers is your weekly appointment with the elite men and women who’ve literally changed our lives for the better.

Through this revealing series, you’ll be able to get a sense of what’s made some of this country’s greatest so successful.

All success stories started out as simple ideas that grew and evolved from someone’s imagination into what we see today.

If you believe that your reach should always exceed your grasp and want a glimpse into the world of Mzansi’s Movers & Shakers, then tune in and learn how some of the greatest reputations in South Africa were forged.


Weekly synopsis:

Ep 5: Kagiso Lediga –Comedian and Film-maker
TX: Week commencing 11 February 2013

The last decade has seen the explosion of stand-up comedy in South Africa. At the forefront of this wave is the one and only Kagiso Lediga. Armed with talent and an audacious dream to make people laugh, his journey from comic to consummate film maker is explored in this episode of Movers & Shakers.


Ep 6: Jenna Clifford – Jewellery Designer
TX: Week commencing 18 February 2013

Jewellery designer Jenna Clifford’s work is sought-after all over the world with a clientele that includes Celine Dion along with Venus & Serena Williams. The success she enjoys today was born out of adversity and devastating heartbreak. Meet this ultimate fighter, feminist and philanthropist on Movers & Shakers.

Ep 7: Gil Oved & Ran Neu-Ner – CEOs of The Creative Counsel
TX: Week commencing 25 February 2013

Gil Oved and Ran Neu-ner are joint-CEOs and co-founders of The Creative Counsel – South Africa’s largest activations agency. They have built up the company from nothing 11 years ago to currently having a turnover of R500 million with 650 permanent employees. Meet these real-world alchemists on Movers & Shakers.

Ep 8: Dr Mamphela Ramphele – Academic and Businesswoman
TX:  Week commencing 4 March 2013

Dr Mamphela Ramphele is one of the most revered and respected personalities in South Africa. As co-founder of the Black Consciousness Movement, former MD of the World Bank and Vice Chancellor of the UCT, her opinions carry real weight and moral authority. Find out about her passions and hopes for South Africa’s future on Movers & Shakers.

Ep 9: Kojo Baffoe - Destiny Man Editor
TX: Week commencing 11 March 2013

Kojo Baffoe is poet laureate for Gordon Institute of Business Science, was founding editor of Blaque Magazine, has written for a range of publications, is a columnist for City Press’ lifestyle supplement, 7, is an avid blogger and loves social media. He is currently the editor of Destiny Man magazine. Movers & Shakers brings you an insight into this man of destiny.

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Ep10: Zapiro - Cartoonist
TX:  Week commencing 18 March 2013

Jonathan Shapiro is perhaps the most celebrated and vilified political cartoonist in the country. As Zapiro, his hard-hitting and wry observations of life in South Africa have polarised public opinion and resulted in law suits. Find out about the motivations of this modern-day crusader for freedom of speech on Movers & Shakers.


TX Details:

Monday:               10h50, 15h50
Tuesday:              14h50, 17h50
Wed:                      08h20, 16h50
Thurs:                   10h50, 22h50
Friday:                  08h50, 15h50
Saturday:             08h20, 15h50, 20h50
Sunday:               07h20, 14h50, 19h50