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etv and eNCA tap into the pulse of the ANC, in association with research company Markdata

Posted on: Sat 30 Sep 2017

New research and weekly programme launches ahead of the elective conference

This Sunday will see the launch of new research conducted by Markdata and African Response on etv.

The data will examine how ANC voters feel about the party and its prospects.

The first of a series of insights will be broadcast on eNews Direct at 7pm, kicking off with a piece that will probe perceptions of the ANC.

Then on Monday afternoon, eNCA launches a new programme in the run-up to the ANC elective conference.

The Race hosted by senior anchor Jeremy Maggs and economist Lumkile Mondi, is a weekly half-hour programme that will unpack the results of two sets of research data in the weeks leading up to the December conference.

“The Race will provide crucial and relevant information in real time to our viewers,” says Jeremy.

“I’m looking forward, along with a raft of expert guests, to crunching the numbers and making sense of the landscape as senior figures in the ANC dash for the finish line. The programme will be intense, fast-paced and interrogative.”

Economist Lumkile Mondi is well known to eNCA viewers. His role on The Race will be to explain the research methodology and details of the results.

“I am very excited to be part of a team that empowers South Africans in strengthening our democracy. I will be listening and learning from ordinary South Africans,” says Lumkile.

In October, the results of 16 focus groups held in Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal will be discussed. Participants are people who voted for the ANC in both the 2014 National and 2016 Municipal elections.

The groups were carefully selected to represent urban, rural, male, female, young and mature voters. Discussions were conducted in the preferred language of the participants.

From November the results of standardised interviews with approximately 5000 South Africans around the country will be announced.

These interviews are being carried out under the close supervision of regional supervisors. Topics include preferred ANC leaders, provincial party politics, race relations, economic transformation and more.

Markdata director, Dr Elsa Thirion-Venter is a SAMRA Accredited Marketing Researcher.

“In order to ensure robust and reliable results, a multi-faceted approach was followed, using both focus groups (adding depth of understanding) and face-to-face interviews with a structured questionnaire (quantify the extend of opinions),” says Elsa.

“The sample sizes used for nationally representative samples in South Africa, usually range from 2 500 to 3 500. The sample size of 5 000 therefore adds even more to the robustness and depth of the results, also ensuring that smaller groups are sufficiently represented in the sample. Not only is the sample size important, the way the sample is designed and drawn is extremely important. It is based on international scientific standards, in an unbiased way giving each person an equal chance to be selected.”

eNCA MD and Editor-In-Chief Mapi Mhlangu says the research is not an attempt to predict the future, but rather to gain insight into what people are thinking.

“We are very interested in getting people’s views in the run-up to what could be the most explosive elective conference the party has ever seen. We have been extremely thorough in determining how this research is conducted to ensure it is as reliable as possible. We are not fortune-tellers but do believe in the power of the ordinary voter to connect with the real issues the ANC faces. After all, it is the supporters who must grapple with and decide upon the future of the party."

The Race premieres on Monday 2 October at 3:30pm on eNCA.