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In-school nutrition programmes can reduce the chances of children suffering from childhood obesity, writes Lauren Graham.
Led by a boom in sales of prosecco, which has surpassed Champagne as the world's favourite bubbly, exports of all forms of Italian wine hit a record €5.4bn last year.
The investors said the use of antibiotics in livestock causes resistant bacteria to develop, which in turn can spread to humans.
French baker Michel Flamant owes his life to a homeless man who begged for handouts outside his bakery.
Boston-based food writer Louisa Kasdon says Passover is a time when family and friends come together for a meal ... and that meal must feature charoset.
Cooking instructor and writer Rinku Bhattacharya says there's no better way to celebrate the New Year, than with food. Find her Kosha Dimer Dalna recipe here.
The Australian-based nutritionist and blogger has been in South Africa, promoting her book. Click here for one of her recipes.
The Australian-based nutritionist has been promoting her new book in South Africa.
It's not just the music of the International Jazz Festival that's pulling the crowds into Cape Town - it's also a haven for food lovers.
The number one consumer of Italian wine is the US, which imported €1,3bn (R22bn) worth last year. Twenty percent of all wine exports originate from Italy.
The first Chesa Nyama store in the US is set to open in Nashville, Tennessee, before the end of October this year.
These South African bubblies will win hearts.
But the death of last year's best chef, Benoit Violier, has highlighted the pressure chefs are under to maintain their stars.
The breathtaking farm's 2009 vintage Vin de Constance, has made it into the top 10 on the Wine Spectator's top 100 list.
Experts say winemakers need to innovate by experimenting with techniques and grape varieties rather than imitating established regions.
Pam Klette and Lisa Flaum have turned their pavements into food gardens were anyone can pick up vegetables for free, as long as they leave some for others too.
Test your palate: from Stellenbosch at Summer Place to a new craft cider, a champagne drink that wants ice and unfiltered wine.
Global warming means an increase in average temperatures during England's summer and autumn seasons, which is good for ripening the grapes, a viticulture expert said.
Winemakers from France's northeast a region long known for its top-of-the-range white wines, say they can make red wine just as well as the eastern and southern regions.
Vineyards set to survive global warming says the International Organisation of Vine and Wine.
The Sandton restaurant's monthly Gourmet Dinner evenings are a platform for the chefs and winemakers.
n this episode of Glass Act, Sibongile Mafu shows you how to open a bottle of vino.
US food firms and restaurants have been lining up to banish unhealthy or unethical foods, but it's more about PR than public health.
Joburgers braved the chilly weather to indulge in the finest in wines and champagnes at The Soweto Wine Festival. would like to send you push notifications.
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