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In a dramatic race packed with incident, Vettel suffered a late puncture and finished seventh for Ferrari after his team-mate Kimi Raikkonen also pitted with a similar problem.
The company said it is aware of two potentially related accidents but no injuries.
The targets demand firms sell electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles to generate 'credits' equivalent to eight percent of total sales by 2018.
Investigators suspect that the world's largest luxury carmaker used a similar so-called 'defeat device' to Volkswagen.
In a world where cutting greenhouse gas emissions is a top priority, shared driverless vehicles could potentially make up 50 percent of electric vehicles.
The move is a sign of how the different divisions and regions within the 12-brand VW empire are gaining influence.
The new Panamera achieved the strongest percentage increase in the first six months of the year.
Congress has 30 days to raise objections to the sale, but with Britain essentially America's top military ally, that is unlikely.
In Garlenda, a whole museum is devoted to the car.
The Z71 brand may be unfamiliar to most South Africans but it basically pays homage to Chevrolet’s Z or “Zee” car performance heritage.
The three body models, Coupe, Gran Coupe and Convertible are simply magnificent to look at.
Several European countries have announced plans to dramatically reduce the amount of polluting petrol and diesel cars on their roads.
Volvo, owned by China's Geely, says it plans to launch five fully electric models between 2019 and 2021.
The German government is facing mounting pressure ahead of national elections in September to reduce pollution from diesel cars or see courts force cities to impose driving bans.
Hanoi is famed for legions of motorbikes that clog roads in a fast-growing city with limited public transportation.
British online retailer Ocado has been testing a vehicle that can carry 128kg of groceries straight to your door.
The announcement allayed worries about Tesla's ability to meet its production goals.
'Super Series is the core of the McLaren business and personifies the blend of extreme performance, crafted luxury and unparalleled driver involvement.'
Volkswagen's VW, Audi and Skoda brands were affected.
The industry is accelerating toward an all-digital dashboard that will help usher in the era of self-driving cars.
RapidE represents a sustainable future in which Aston Martin’s values of seductive style and supreme performance.
The new E-PACE will be unveiled to the public for the first time on the 13th of July. It will be joined in 2018 by the i-PACE, an all-electric crossover that goes on sale in 2018.
Average fuel consumption is listed as being around the 5.9 litres per 100km mark.
The motoring giant said power steering fluid leaks could result in fumes being emitted from the engine compartment, excessive smoke and/or fire. would like to send you push notifications.
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