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Thousands of Thais and foreigners kick off the water splashing war as Thailand marks its first new year celebration without its revered late king.
The 53-year-old who trekked for 10 days to reach base camp, mixed his beats on a makeshift stone stage set against the spectacular backdrop of the world's highest mountains.
The narrow streets come alive each morning with residents selling breakfast snacks from small stalls -- crisp-fried egg crepes, steamed dumplings and bowls of millet porridge.
Guiness World Records, who have yet to ratify the new mark, said the current record to beat was a total of 49 balloons, achieved in the UK in April 2011.
The festivities come at a time when Japan kicks off a new business year, many university graduates start their first full-time jobs, and older colleagues shift into new positions.
Up to 7,000 European students will get bus, train or plane tickets to any EU country under a plan unveiled by the European Commission.
The airline clarified that the girls prevented from boarding were "pass riders" - those who fly free or at heavily reduced rates because of their connection with the airline.
Singapore remains the world's most expensive city to live in according to latest studies.
Strapping on virtual reality headsets, visitors can now see that room as it was when it was filled near to the roof with earth and as it would have looked in Nero's time.
The 4,200-ton Caledonian Sky smashed into the reefs at low tide around Kri, one of hundreds of small islands in Raja Ampat, after taking tourists on a bird-watching expedition.
The closures along Highway 1, one of America's most picturesque roads, came after heavy downpours led to a number of mudslides and the collapse of a key bridge in February.
The country has set itself the goal of becoming one of the top five halaal exporting nations in the world by 2020.
Durban was followed closely by Cape Town and Johannesburg in 94th place and 96th place in the world, respectively.
While a few days in the bush may not always favour a busy work schedule, this short hop away from Joburg will be sure to put that schedule into perspective.
The centuries-old marketplace has already undergone a security upgrade after a spate of terror attacks in Istanbul.
Raja Ampat in eastern Indonesia has long been a top attraction for intrepid travellers and avid divers, with palm-fringed islands and an underwater kaleidoscope of coral and fish.
From a total solar eclipse to the Milky Way to the Northern Lights, many experts at Berlin's ITB were making the case for astronomical experiences this year.
It's endured the raging seas, but the storms that hit Malta and Gozo in recent days finally swept away the whole structure.
Thanks to archaeological detective work based on discoveries made during a spruce-up, a new exhibition recounts untold stories of one of the world's most-visited monuments.
A giant stage has been set up on an intersection in front of the Taxi-Brousse restaurant and Splendid hotel, both targeted during last year's mayhem.
South Africa is being punted as the most sought-after destination in Africa in which to host business gatherings.
Around 10,000 hardy souls stepped under ice-cold fountains to purify their bodies before risking life and limb in the mysterious 500-year-old religious ceremony.
The uptick is a sign of hope for a country also reeling from the shock of an economic reform programme that has triggered massive inflation.
The 45-year-old from Trinidad and Tobago said he was prevented from entering the US on Friday due to having played in a charity match in the Iranian capital Tehran in 2015. would like to send you push notifications.
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