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The Aztecs and other Mesoamerican peoples performed ritualistic human sacrifices as offerings to the sun.
The park stretches around 400 square kilometres, and contains magnificent remains of several capitals of the Khmer Empire of the 9th to the 15th centuries.
The Valongo Wharf in Rio was the area where the biggest slave trade in the Americas was centred.
Scores of rescuers began scouring the volcano the day after the man set off, in a frantic search which lasted eight days.
Some 7,500 animals from Zimbabwe, South Africa and elsewhere in Mozambique will be moved to help repopulate the Zinave National Park over the course of the three-year project.
The formation, which local guides had planned to make a tourist destination, was found lying on the ground at the base of a rock face.
The study, based on six months' analysis, comes as the reef suffers a second straight year of coral bleaching due to warming sea temperatures linked to climate change.
The government declared a state of emergency in the gastronomic heartland around the northern cities of Parma and Piacenza.
The body has been named World Taekwondo Federation since 1973.
The casually dressed former president arrived in the resort island of Bali with his wife Michelle and their two daughters, a local military commander said.
The fire destroyed 21 hectares of the 'Deurnese Peel' reserve and a 150 firefighters were mobilised.
A new project seeks to address noise pollution in New York City, one of the loudest in the world.
The UN has designated the wetlands a conservation site, as it also looks to help preserve the water supply of the capital.
Travel industry executives in particular expressed anguish over Trump's proposed travel ban on visitors from seven predominately Muslim countries.
Social media is abuzz as tourists get snaps of their uncovered backsides at national parks, on top of mountains, and at World Heritage sites.
Jamaican locals have typically been rebuffed by high admission fees, restrictive rules and dirty water, limiting their access to beaches.
The hotel's renowned chef has said they are prepared to cook Trump any kind of dish, his favourite meatloaf included,.
Medical tourism is a thriving business.
After living in Johannesburg, Mpho Cornelius returned to her home town in the Northern Cape to start a small business.
A former shop assistant is now showing visitors how local entrepreneurs are creating their own successes.
Ntwanano Tours and Travel founder Sertorio Mmshothola has opened South Africa wide open for the blind.
Ryan Sean Davy handed himself in to authorities in Kathmandu on Tuesday after being caught last week hiding in a cave near Everest's base camp without a permit.
Two rating agency downgrades have put additional pressure on the local economy, but it could help bolster the country’s tourism industry.
KwaZulu-Natal is ready for action, as the Tourism Indaba kicks off in Durban. would like to send you push notifications.
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