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Message from the Minister of Basic Education, Mrs Angie Motshekga

It is clear that the concerted efforts of the Education sector are bearing fruit and we are seeing an education system that is maturing and growing from strength to strength.

While we are not yet at the point where we can say we are where we need to be in education in South Africa, however we are at a point where we can say we are moving in the right direction. All indicators point to this fact, both local and international.

I know that the country at large, and myself included, were disappointed in 2015 when the results dropped. Some analysts have suggested it is because the cognitive demand of the CAPS curriculum was at a much higher level than even educators were prepared for. As the Department we took heed of this, we strengthened our resolve and sought to put interventions in place so that learners in 2016 would be better equipped and better prepared for the increased cognitive demands of the curriculum.

Raising standards is not always easy and it comes with some negative consequences. One of those as we saw last year was a drop in the overall percentage pass rate. However we could not allow a situation where this would defeat us and we could not retreat from the high standards we had set ourselves. In that vein the Director-General and myself set out on a nationwide road show.

We met with principals and district directors from across the country and showed them exactly what we expect from them and how they should proceed if we hope to get the results we need to make the nation proud.

We hope to see the results of a lot of hard work, some innovative thinking and immense determination reflected in the NSC results of the class of 2016.

Good luck to all who wrote and thank you to all the workers in the system!


Matrics who wrote DBE exams should submit results queries for investigation within 30 days after the release of the results. Candidates must ensure that names and identity numbers reflect correctly on their statement of results and report any required corrections to the Department before 30/06/2017.