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The bank said in a statement that headline earnings per share are expected to rise by up to 32 percent.
Somali security sources say a suicide bomber who killed at least 13 people in Mogadishu on Sunday may have had joint German-Somali citizenship.
A 45-year-old woman on her way to work was shot and killed on Tuesday morning.
Panayiotou faces charges of conspiracy to commit murder, murder, kidnapping as well as robbery with aggravating circumstances for the murder of his wife.
The former South African cricket captain was flown to India for a surgical proceduce after collapsing at his him following a cancerous brain tumor.
eNCA catches up Ben Howard's supporting act, the hypnotic Bye Beneco.
The US presidential candidate's lawyer threatens to ruin Daily Beast reporter over story Trump had forced himself on wife, saying 'you can't rape your wife'.
Nine policemen accused of handcuffing Macia before dragging him behind a police vehicle through the streets of Daveyton, are finally on trial.
The ANC met this weekend and a key point of discussion was the economy. It wants you to trust that the fruits of its radical labour will come, writes Greg Nicolson.
Protests over teacher shortages in Port Elizabeth's Northern Areas continued overnight.