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The High Court of Ghana granted the request of Ghana's attorney general Gloria Akuffo to suspend the Ghana Football Association (GFA) and its officials.
The explosions were heard across Derna as the bombers hit the Chiha district in the south of the town, spokesman Khalifa al-Abidi said.
Jean-Pierre Bemba, the Congolese ex-vice president, was convicted in 2016 of crimes against humanity and sentenced to 18 years in prison.
The United Nations warned that attacks against UN peacekeepers may constitute a war crime and that sanctions could be applied against perpetrators brought to justice.
Research shows that people practice risk compensation, meaning that they generally care less when they sense they have protection or are more careful when the risk is greater.
Haftar's self-styled Libyan National Army launched an offensive on Derna, held by hardline fighters since the uprising that ousted dictator Muammar Gaddafi.
Amnesty International said it had conducted interviews with more than 150 victims of, or eyewitnesses to, violence committed by the security forces or separatists.
Mozambique has not been a focal point of Islamist militant activity in the past and police have been reluctant to ascribe the attacks to Islamists.
President Assoumani took office in 2016 but wants to hold a fresh vote next year, so that he can remain in power beyond 2021 when his currently non-renewable term ends.
It was not immediately clear what the dispute was about. Workers went on strike at Loulo and Gounkoto in April over bonus payments but the standoff was resolved within a day.
The new prices will take effect in July and will be announced at a press conference held by the minister of electricity, MENA reported.
The local anger is in stark contrast to the international plaudits Abiy has won for appearing keen to defuse one of the most intractable diplomatic disputes in the Horn of Africa.
Mugabe said in March 2016 the country was robbed of wealth by diamond companies including joint ventures between Chinese companies and the army, police and intelligence services.
On June 4 he appointed non-partisan technocrat Christian Ntsay, 57, as prime minister as part of an agreement with part of the opposition to obey the court ruling.
The death of a Burundian soldier late on Sunday brings to five the number of UN troops killed in the CAR since the start of 2018.
FIFA World Cup matches are only being broadcast in the country by Qatar-based pay television network beIN.
Egyptian public prosecutor Nabil Sadek referred the 28 accused to an urgent national security criminal court, but only nine of the suspects are currently in custody.
The two countries are looking to build an extension to Morocco of a pipeline that has been pumping gas from resource-rich southern Nigeria to Benin, Togo and Ghana since 2010.
Luc Nkulula was one of the founders of Lucha, a pro-democracy movement strongly opposed to President Joseph Kabila remaining in power.
Sgt. Conrad was killed and four other commandos were wounded Friday during an operation against the militants, the US military said.
'I am cautiously optimistic that we shall be able to bring it to an end soon,' Doctor Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus told reporters at Kinshasa airport.
Nigeria recently lowered age limits for political candidates to reflect changing demographics in Africa's most populous nation and usher in younger leaders.
According to authorities the cause of the accident is over-speeding and dangerous overtaking.
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