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'We must undo this disgrace, which we have imposed upon ourselves. We don’t deserve it. Please, we don’t deserve it. Zimbabwe doesn’t deserve it.'
The World Bank estimates that women run more than three-quarters of Kenya's farms. But culture often takes precedence over the law, with men owning and controlling most of the land
The owner of Agricult Ghana, Seidu Agongo, has also been charged with colluding with Opuni and for money laundering.
President João Lourenço has vowed to combat an endemic culture of corruption since taking office in September after nearly 38 years of rule by dos Santos.
Police in the East African country claim to have prevented a terror attack that would’ve claimed hundreds of lives.
Passengers were boarding the flight preparing to fly to Dubai on Wednesday when the woman jumped the plane's emergency door.
The country says the smuggling network includes African embassy officials and members of the security services.
Groundbreaking innovation at its best as the continent's first ATM pharmacy will open in Alexandra.
Several neighbouring countries have suspended processed meat imports from South Africa.
Patients are being turned away from public hospitals and nurses are now threatening to join the mass action.
The violence was believed to be reprisals for Monday's attack on Irigwe farmers that killed 25.
Seven of the 20 people on board have so far been found, all injured, after the aircraft went down in a mangrove forest in the coastal area of Missirah, he said
The abduction of girls from Chibok caused international outrage and criticism of then president Goodluck Jonathan for his handling of the attack.
Police believe this is the latest violence linked to land, water and grazing rights.
The ‘Zambian Observer’ said the couple agreed to remain married on paper, until they leave State House.
In a statement, Ameenah Gurib-Fakim said she had ‘nothing to feel guilty about’.
The opposition took 43.3 percent of votes, while the governing party took 42.7 percent of votes in the 7 March polls.
Zimbabwean doctors are some of the worst-paid in Africa, with salaries as low as R3,500 a month.
The law requires journalists to register themselves as such, which critics argue is a restriction on freedom of expression.
Authorities said the stash was found after a check of the supposed shipment of fruit drink showed up some 'discrepancies'.
At least 30 people were killed in the latest unrest, which came in the wake of the interior minister's visit to the region.
The opposition Union of Democratic Forces of Guinea (UFDG) has been staging protests in the capital, Conakry, since losing February 4 local elections it says were rigged.
A 41-year-old Namibian man was diagnosed with the disease on Monday and is being treated in a hospital in the capital Windhoek, Health Minister Bernard Haufiku said in a statement.
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