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The African National Congress have wished Zimbabwe well ahead of its elections on Wednesday.
Zimbabwe's indigenisation minister is confident Zanu-PF party will win the elections and intensify plans to take over controlling stakes in banks and other key institutions.
The South African government called on Tuesday for the release of ousted Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi.
Kenya’s first lady Margaret Kenyatta has launched an anti-poaching campaign meant to help conserve the country’s elephants for future generations.
Thousands of Zimbabweans have started arriving in the country, to cast their ballots in the country's definitive elections. Reporter Yusuf Omar is there.
South Sudan's security services have detained two Ugandan journalists who were filming in the capital Juba, officials said on Monday.
Zambian police on Monday arrested and charged a journalist with having pornography on his computer in another apparent crackdown on a publication critical of the government.
Attendees at Morgan Tsvangirai's final election rally in Harare heard the MDC leader promise reforms that would revitalise the economy.
Nigerian prosecutors on Monday widened charges against three Lebanese nationals accused of links to Hezbollah as their trial began with access to the courtroom restricted.
The ruling Zanu-PF has implemented urban employment schemes for young Zimbabweans in order to boost their youth vote.
Togo's main opposition on Monday rejected provisional electoral results showing the ruling party winning two-thirds of parliamentary seats, allowing the president's family to maint
Tunisia's Islamist-led government is under increasing pressure to resign after thousands of people demonstrated against it and dozens of legislators have stopped doing their jobs.
Egyptian officials say police have arrested two leaders of a Muslim Brotherhood-allied Islamist party on suspicion of inciting violence.
President Jacob Zuma called on Zimbabwe on Monday to stage peaceful elections this week.
Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe on Sunday made his final call for peaceful voting as he vowed that this week's election will be free and fair.
Egypt has received international condemnation following the killing of dozens of people in the country. Human Rights Watch is urging the military to stop using live bullets.
Voter turnout in Mali's north has not been as high, few turned up to cast their ballots in the troubled city of Kidal.
Suspected members of Nigeria's Islamist group Boko Haram shot dead more than 20 civilians when a vigilante group attacked them in the northern Borno state.
This Wednesday Morgan Tsvangirai will get his third crack at dethroning veteran Zimbabwean leader Robert Mugabe. It may be his last.
Crisis-weary Zimbabweans head to the polls Wednesday in an already contentious election that could see President Robert Mugabe extend his 33-year grip on power.
Two powerful explosions went off near the courthouse in Libya's second city of Benghazi late on Sunday, wounding 10 people and causing damage.
Egypt's National Defence Council on Sunday warned supporters of ousted president Mohamed Morsi that security forces would take "decisive and firm" action if protesters overstepped.
UN leader Ban Ki-moon warned Egypt's interim leadership on Sunday that every death in demonstrations is making it harder to drag the country out of its crisis
Togo's ruling party has won 62 of 91 seats in parliamentary elections, allowing the ruling family to maintain its decades-long power grip. would like to send you push notifications.
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