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A Tunisian judge on Thursday announced fresh charges against a young Tunisian woman associated with the topless protest group Femen.
Soldiers in northern Nigeria uncovered a hidden arms cache that authorities believe belonged to members of the Lebanese political party and militant movement Hezbollah.
With its weak government, porous borders and proliferation of weapons, Libya has been accused of destabilising its southern neighbours.
Nigerian lawmakers approved a bill to outlaw gay marriage and crack down on gay rights, including criminalising public displays of affection between same-sex couples.
There are still 37 million landmines that are undiscovered and buried on the African continent.
French oil giant Total has said it is negotiating with Angola’s State Petroleum Company, Sonangol, to sell a stake in an oil exploration block.
Nigerian gangs are targeting the waters of West Africa, making the gulf of Guinea the newest hot spot for piracy.
The United Nations Security Council has voted to increase peace-keepers in turbulent Abyei with 1,100 extra troops.
The Kenyan Open tennis tournament has, for the second year in a row, included people with disabilities. eNCA's East Africa correspondent Soni Methu filed this report.
The United Nations is struggling to get African troops in Mali up to the UN standard required to join a full-fledged peacekeeping force.
Interim government postponed key elections, meant to end a four-year political deadlock on the island, after a special court found outside factors had derailed poll preparations.
Mozambique has begun registering voters for upcoming polls amid heightened political tension, with the opposition threatening a boycott.
Six suspected cases of Ebola have been reported in the northeastern DRC, just six months after an outbreak of the deadly virus ended in the area.
Efforts are underway in CAR to rehabilitate former child soldiers and reintegrate them back into society.
Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan aren’t seeing eye-to-eye after Ethiopia began constructing a dam on the Blue Nile.
Human Rights Watch has launched a scathing report on Kenya's police force implicating local authorities in various crimes.
A Kenyan High Court has ordered police to re-investigate rape complaints in a landmark case including more than 240 victims.
Three young European women with topless protest group Femen were arrested on Wednesday after baring their breasts in central Tunis.
Nigerians are celebrating Democracy Day, which marks 14 years since the end of military rule in the country.
Armed militiamen on Tuesday blocked a key road leading to an airport in southern Libya to protest against the alleged abduction of their commander.
Africa has witnessed remarkable growth over the past decade but must invest heavily in infrastructure to continue on this path.
The murder of a British soldier in London has once again put Africa's links with terrorism in the spotlight.
An American drone has crashed in Somalia, a US official said Tuesday, after Shebab militants claimed to have recovered the wreckage.
Tanzania's Maasai people have called for urgent action after being embroiled in a decades-long land dispute with government. would like to send you push notifications.
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