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Ellen DeGeneres is going fishing again with a sequel to the animated blockbuster "Finding Nemo."
The New Zealand Geographic Board is publicly consulting on proposals to formally assign official alternative names to the two main islands.
The curtain went up once more at one of the country's most important theatres after the famous playhouse, dedicated to the centuries-old kabuki performing art, was rebuilt.
Hollywood mega-star, Tom Hanks, makes his debut on Broadway, in "Lucky Guy," a production based on a true story.
Rapper Psy is promising a new take on a traditional dance to accompany the anticipated follow-up to his global hit Gangnam Style.
Jury selection is to begin for a civil case brought by Michael Jackson's family, who are suing concert promoter AEG for his death.
Madonna has been spotted in Malawi, after education authorities challenged her charity “Raising Malawi” for only building classroom blocks and not schools as promised.
Film director Martin Scorsese urged Americans to embrace their rich cinema heritage before it literally fades away.
Australia's government will give the Walt Disney Company a once-off incentive payment of R208 million to lure filming of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, down under.
Mother Nature could not put a damper on festivalgoers’ spirits at this year’s Splashy Fen.
As part of their April 'Travel, Science and Natural History' sale, Christie's auction house in London is hoping a pre-17th century fossilized egg will fetch 20,000 - 30,000 GBP.
Katherine Jackson is seeking billions of dollars from tour promoter AEG over her son's death
Sesame Street producers are brainstorming how to market the hit children's show in Afghanistan
The tourism industry anticipates soaring numbers of holiday makers from Israel this season
A rare, signed copy of The Beatles' album "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" has been sold for a record $290,500 at auction.
An eccentric Australian mining magnate who is building a replica of the ill-fated Titanic on Saturday unveiled his latest scheme - a park of giant robotic dinosaurs.
Tiger Tiger clubs countrywide and Strawberry Lips Tequila are offering one woman a chance to win a R30,000 boob augmentation on Saturday night.
Bain’s Cape Mountain was crowned the world’s best single grain whiskey, at the annual whiskey awards in London last week.
Sante D'Orazio, a photographer at the heart of the supermodel era, said the switch to digital cameras means greater detail than ever before, but the loss of beauty.
Virtual Reality has been used in the military for years but has been too expensive for home gamers
We cut them into shape, then we take them to the rough polish, then a soft polish, then we clean and dry them, and paint or decorate, then we assemble them into final product.
A war of words has broken out between admirers of voluptuous female figures and those who go for a more streamlined, traditionally Western, shape.
French and South African biologists are to embark on expedition to the Indian Ocean in search of the elusive coelacanth
US filmmaker Martin Scorsese has announced he is to make a television series of Gangs of New York would like to send you push notifications.
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