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As our choice of food will be an important factor to our health and well-being throughout our lives, it’s important that we get into the right habits. By ALEX JOHNSTONE.
Over the past 40 years the workforce has transcended from working with its hands to working with its brains, writes Martijn Aslander.
Hugh Masekela's protest song remains as much about present and future aspirations as it about the past.
AFP photographer Shah Marai died on Monday in a suicide blast in Kabul. He penned an essay about his loss of hope for Afghanistan.
This years' Freedom Day in South Africa can signify a difference: a renewal and return to the values of the 1994 social contract. By DIRK KOTZE.
It's inconceivable that military prowess can offer long-term solutions to Nigeria's deep-rooted institutional problems. By STEPHEN ONYEIWU.
Ahead of May Day, AFP reporters, video and photo teams spoke to men and women around the globe whose jobs are becoming increasingly rare. By MARCELA RODRIGUEZ.
Data reveals that there is less industrial action in South Africa than in many other countries, and it is not as prolonged as politicians claim, writes Carin Runciman.
The issues over which people protest in North-West and in many other cases relate to the diversion of funds, towards which they have contributed as tax payers.
Smart, tough and quick-witted, Barbara Bush had a no-frills style and a willingness to engage across the political aisle. By MICHAEL MATHES.
Superman fought for the weak and oppressed, such as battered wives and miners, and he upheld the social liberties of ordinary people against corruption. By JOAN ORMROD.
Angelo Fick suggests that reflecting on how Winnie Madikizela Mandela was represented in life allows us to think critically about our perceptions in the wake of her death.
eNCA MD and Editor-in-chief Mapi Mhlangu says the selective recall of the past is dangerous for journalists.
Unexpressed racism may be even more dangerous if it's left lurking below the surface. By ROGER SOUTHALL.
If the allegations are true, Zimbabwe intends to prosecute Grace Mugabe for ivory and rhino horn smuggling. By KEITH SOMERVILLE.
The way Winnie Madikizela-Mandela is being remembered recalls the outpouring of grief and iconic status Eva Peron the First Lady of Argentina was accorded. By LYN SNODGRASS.
Mark Zuckerberg faced tougher questions from House lawmakers over Facebook's stance than during Tuesday's five-hour session in the Senate. By PAUL HANDLEY and ROB LEVER.
Reducing Madikizela’s entire life and legacy to her relationship with Mandela has more to do with patriarchal tropes about powerful women than reality. By VASHNA JAGARNATH.
It’s been four months since the accounting scandal broke and there’s no resolution in sight, writes JANNIE ROSSOUW.
RAYMOND SUTTNER takes a look at what is needed to recover democratic and transformational values and practices, in the ANC and the country at large.
Urban Land Dialogues in Gauteng and the Eastern Cape have shown the importance of enabling diverse voices to be heard, writes MAYLEEN VINCENT.
tendencies developed because the regular structures of the ANC could not accommodate a powerful woman with a radical voice, writes SHIREEN HASSIM.
In practice, land expropriation in South Africa will be a matter of deciding which descendants of the dispossessed are entitled to it. By FRED MORTON.
Past cases indicate that verbal crimen injuria is not that serious. But a landmark sentence in South Africa has changed that. would like to send you push notifications.
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