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Our hard work toward building a revitalised New South Africa begins today, writes ANANT SINGH.
South Africa's new administration, under the leadership of Cyril Ramaphosa, can make some quick wins by focusing on fixing a few key areas. By ANTHONI VAN NIEUWKERK.
"How is it possible that our beloved rainbow nation could have disappeared into an abyss of sadness, greed, corruption and inhumanity?" asks Anant Singh.
The 'futurism' aspect puts the film head and shoulders above the rest, showcasing an iteration of Africa that imaginatively radical.
There are several steps South Africa's governing party must take to strengthen democracy now that Jacob Zuma has resigned.
Cyril Ramaphosa is no Messiah, and when the post-Zuma champagne corks stop popping, South Africans need to assess him as a mere mortal.
Angelo Fick considers the implications of the announcement by the ANC that it issued President Jacob Zuma with a recall notification.
A number of outrageous news stories have turned out to be true, but the one piece of true news we’re anticipating never seems to make it into the headlines, writes GEORGINA GUEDES
It is important for the ANC and South Africa that Zuma leaves the political scene and it may be necessary to compromise in order to achieve that, writes RAYMOND SUTTNER.
South Africa occupied the moral high ground and could influence the agenda of intergovernmental bodies like the United Nations. By CHERYL HENDRICKS.
How we describe the world, even in what could be considered ephemeral gossip about dead celebrities, says much about how we value human beings, Angelo Fick suggests.
Global examples show South Africa that desalination could increase water output. By WERNER VAN ZYL.
Arbitration hearings into the deaths of 144 mentally ill patients has brought to light shocking cruelty and neglect on the part of South African officials. By PENELOPE ANDREWS.
No one in the ANC is saying exactly why Zuma must go because that requires acknowledging the stuff-up the party has made of itself and South Africa, says EBRAHIM FAKIR.
We should have been preparing to hear the 2018 State of the Nation Address, but Angelo Fick suggests the postponement confronts citizens with important questions.
South Africa's President Jacob Zuma's resistance to vacate the top job may be a blessing in disguise as it will stress test the country's political systems. By ROGER SOUTHALL.
The guard may have changed at Luthuli House, but the divisive issues within the governing party remain, writes Raymond Suttner.
The WHO is spearheading a global effort to get effective and affordable antivenoms to parts of the world that really need them.
The experiences of other countries can provide valuable lessons for Cape Town on how to better cope with its water crisis. By ANDREW SLAUGHTER and SUKHMANI MANTEL.
Opposition leader Mmusi Maimane's takeover of responsibility for tackling the Western Cape water crisis blurs party and state lines. By MARIUS PIETERSE.
Angelo Fick reminds us why we should judge public officials not just by their words, but also by their actions, and not just in the present but also in the past.
"Critique of Black Reason" offers readers insight into how the construction of race and racism underpins our understanding of modernity. By MANOSA NTHUNYA.
As the water crisis in Cape Town deepens, a portent for all South Africans in a water insecure country, Angelo Fick takes lessons from his father's life.
Zuma remains president of the country but substantial public and enthusiasm has greeted Ramaphosa’s election as ANC president, writes RAYMOND SUTTNER would like to send you push notifications.
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