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Meeting the challenges from the opposition will strengthen the ANC's dominance. How well its new leadership copes will become clearer over the next few months. By RAN GREENSTEIN.
South Africa's land policy is flailing around in the dark, with the haziest of understandings of how well or how badly land reform is doing. By BEN COUSINS.
With nothing to protect his body, Bahadur Agha knew that one wrong move could be his last. by MAMOON DURRANI.
Cape Town is testing new strategies to nudge domestic users into reducing their water use. By LEILA HARRIS, JIAYING ZHAO and MARTINE VISSER.
The decision by South Africa's Film and Publication Board to ban the film "Inxeba" has been widely criticised. By LIANI MAASDORP.
White South Africans need to manage their expectations around what Cyril Ramaphosa can - and should - deliver, writes Georgina Guedes.
The beetle and the fungus have devastated trees in California in the US as well as in Israel. Now they're in South Africa. By WILHELM DE BEER.
Overall South Africa's new president has a cabinet that forms a team with whom he can work. Politics and Society editor Thabo Leshilo asked Keith Gottschalk for his perspective.
Angelo Fick considers the political significance and consequences of the cabinet reshuffle of 27 February 2018, and what it says about the 'Age of Ramaphosa'.
To what extent will the government's choices be transformatory and to what extent will they set limits on bettering the lives of the poor, asks RAYMOND SUTTNER.
Setting up 24 hour clinics in a busy metropole such as Johannesburg would help those who need health care most. By LAETITIA RISPEL.
South Africa's 2018 budget does not go far enough. Perhaps Malusi Gigaba was caught up in the euphoria of President Cyril Ramaphosa's SONA, writes OWEN SKAE.
Angelo Fick argues that Malusi Gigaba's Budget 2018 is not 'pro-poor', and reveals a failure of the political imagination of post-apartheid South Africa.
Whether the finance minister's measures will stave off a downgrade of South Africa's local currency debt remains to be seen, says Seán Mfundza Muller.
Angelo Fick welcomes the change in tone and hope signaled by Cyril Ramaphosa's SONA, and suggests citizens ought not to forget the work that lies ahead.
While he is obviously identified with corruption and state capture, Jacob Zuma also represented a form of “warrior masculinity”, that was conducive to violence. By RAYMOND SUTTNER.
Our hard work toward building a revitalised New South Africa begins today, writes ANANT SINGH.
South Africa's new administration, under the leadership of Cyril Ramaphosa, can make some quick wins by focusing on fixing a few key areas. By ANTHONI VAN NIEUWKERK.
"How is it possible that our beloved rainbow nation could have disappeared into an abyss of sadness, greed, corruption and inhumanity?" asks Anant Singh.
The 'futurism' aspect puts the film head and shoulders above the rest, showcasing an iteration of Africa that imaginatively radical.
There are several steps South Africa's governing party must take to strengthen democracy now that Jacob Zuma has resigned.
Cyril Ramaphosa is no Messiah, and when the post-Zuma champagne corks stop popping, South Africans need to assess him as a mere mortal.
Angelo Fick considers the implications of the announcement by the ANC that it issued President Jacob Zuma with a recall notification.
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