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To stimulate innovation in the agriculture sector education and training is in dire need of substantial reform. By FRANS SWANEPOEL.
ANGELO FICK wonders whether contemporary South Africa would be credible as a realist novel, film, or television series.
"Pro-Pyongyang" schools in Japan cater to an ethnic Korean community that developed and maintained a link to North Korea despite never living there. By HARUMI OZAWA.
Scholars have started to investigate what it really means to be middle class in Africa. By HENNING MELBER.
Nickolaus Bauer writes while he may have wanted to make a point about contemporary politics and protests about crime and criminals, he did so without doing the basics.
At the end of a week that began with displays of the old South African flag, Angelo Fick considers what calls for bannings its display reveal.
Racial tensions are high in SA, but a series of Facebook posts have defused the tension and helped South Africans to laugh at themselves again, writes GEORGINA GUEDES.
Accuracy is absolutely key to both journalists and the public that they serve.
ndian-made antivenoms, common throughout Africa because they are affordable, showed little-to-no neutralisation of the African Echis venoms. By BIANCA OP DEN BROUW.
In one sentence, the Balfour Declaration announced the British government's backing for the establishment within Palestine. By Antoinette Chalaby-Moualla.
Hugh Masekela has made an impact across the world during his decades-long musical career, but not enough attention has been paid to his innovative imagination. By GWEN ANSELL.
The positive effect of friendship groups also holds when people have to work relatively independently towards a joint goal. By NADIRA FABER.
As another financial scandal breaks a day after South Africans heard government's report on the country's finances, Angelo Fick reworks a folk tale via Chaucer.
People can be addicted to behaviours like tweeting. Anything that produces pleasure in a person’s brain can lead to addiction. By JAMES A ROBERTS.
Malusi Gigabawas honest about the problems facing the country. But he made no real suggestions that the government will start doing things differently. By ROGER SOUTHALL.
Born and raised in poor circumstances, many South African police officers find themselves in the job after original aspirations slipped beyond reach. By ANDREW FAULL.
Unpicking the baffling case of how one of Africa's dictators became the world's top ambassador for non-communicable diseases – at least for a while. By LUKE ALLEN.
The research was conducted by Markdata and African Response in two phases: structured interviews and focus groups.
File: Police Minister Fikile Mbalula's exhortation the controversial amaBerete police unit to 'crush (criminals) balls' did not impress political analyst RAYMOND SUTTNER.
The culture of impunity that has been fostered under the current administration boggles and infuriates.
Cape Town promised alternative water sources with the ongoing drought being declared a disaster. Its main strategy is water rationing but climate models are also being used.
Emeritus Archbishop Desmond Tutu embraces everything noble in Aristotelian virtue ethics and African philosophical systems alike. By KEYMANTHRI MOODLEY.
While #metoo isn’t going to change the world, it just may have come at the right time for a handful of men who will hear and change their behaviour, writes GEORGINA GUEDES.
Angelo Fick suggests that we listen to and believe the many women who have spoken up about their own experiences in the #MeToo campaign. would like to send you push notifications.
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