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The experiences of other countries can provide valuable lessons for Cape Town on how to better cope with its water crisis. By ANDREW SLAUGHTER and SUKHMANI MANTEL.
Opposition leader Mmusi Maimane's takeover of responsibility for tackling the Western Cape water crisis blurs party and state lines. By MARIUS PIETERSE.
Angelo Fick reminds us why we should judge public officials not just by their words, but also by their actions, and not just in the present but also in the past.
"Critique of Black Reason" offers readers insight into how the construction of race and racism underpins our understanding of modernity. By MANOSA NTHUNYA.
As the water crisis in Cape Town deepens, a portent for all South Africans in a water insecure country, Angelo Fick takes lessons from his father's life.
Zuma remains president of the country but substantial public and enthusiasm has greeted Ramaphosa’s election as ANC president, writes RAYMOND SUTTNER
In many respects, President Jacob Zuma's free higher education proposal in South Africa is the worst kind of populism. By SEAN MFUNDZA MULLER.
According to Sucre, climate change is having serious impacts on the food security of indigenous communities. By SEBASTIAN RODRIGUEZ.
South Africa is confronting the unfinished business of our past and failures in the present. ANGELO FICK suggests the exercise of empathy may be essential for these times.
ANGELO FICK considers the legacy of one of the most important writers of the last century, Ursula K Le Guin, who died this week.
The jazz legend has made an impact across the world during his decades-long musical career, but not enough attention has been paid to his innovative imagination. By GWEN ANSELL.
Raymond Suttner argues Cyril Ramaphosa's election has not yet seen the removal of Jacob Zuma as ANC president.
After doing nothing for a long time to bring the Gupta family to book in South Africa, the country's prosecuting authority has finally started to act. By RICHARD CALLAND.
In a world that is getting warmer, what does that mean and what might 2018 hold for weather across the globe? By LINDSAY BEEVERS.
Whatever you think about Aziz Ansari and 'Grace', there’s a lesson to be learnt from the story of that' bad date', writes GEORGINA GUEDES.
The drought levy is facing wide opposition and there are claims it's punitive and punishes those trying to save water. By LEE-ANNE STEENKAMP.
The change in the governing party is palpable, but Angelo Fick suggests the test lies in whether it can add substance to style, and sustain this change.
Divisions within the DA’s own ranks have now emerged on a very intense basis, writes RAYMOND SUTTNER.
A groundbreaking High Court ruling outlawing the spanking of children in South Africa has outraged some Christian bodies. By SELINA PALM.
Ebrahim Fakir writes that ANC President, Cyril Ramaphosa is, in fact, facing three centres of power, including one at the Saxonwold Shebeen.
Thanks to a holiday spent on the KZN South Coast, Georgina Guedes is in a position to comment on what it’s going to be like in Cape Town after Day Zero.
Recent research indicates that psychological flexibility is the key to greater happiness and well-being. By LOWRI DOWTHWAITE.
The study of Cyril Ramaphosa, South Africa's deputy president and new head of its governing party, is generating a great deal of heat, and not much light. By DAVID EVERATT.
The African Commission has finally drafted a protocol to the African Charter to protect their Africans living with mental and other disabilities. By LAURA-STELLA ENONCHONG. would like to send you push notifications.
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