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It’s important in the twilight of Jacob Zuma's presidency, that his erstwhile supporters acknowledge their complicity, writes JAMES HAMILL.
The membership base of South Africa's trade union movement has undergone significant changes which begs the question: has it moved away from its working class roots?
The rhino horn auction in South Africa is a serious setback in the fight against poaching and the survival of wild rhinos. By ROSS HARVEY.
Zimbabwe’s first lady Grace Mugabe has been granted diplomatic immunity. Politics and Society Editor Thabo Leshilo asked Professor Hennie Strydom to unpack the issues.
It was wonderful having this beautiful little creature with me. Its head smelt like a baby and it had no one else in the word besides me. I called him “Jail Bird” or “JB”.
While colonialism piqued our interest in classical music, we have failed to make it our own, writes MATUBA MAHLATJIE.
It is five years since the Marikana massacre in South Africa - a related musical unfortunately contributes to the amnesia about the traumatic incident. By NDUKA MNTAMBO.
At first glance, Kelly’s photograph is nearly impossible to make sense of visually or politically. By JENNIFER WENZEL.
Given the many calls upon 'conscience' from politicians, Angelo Fick wonders what role decency should play here and now.
About 60 percent of children in South Africa under 10 years don't live with their biological fathers. By ZOHEB KHAN.
Five years on, as questions remain unanswered and the calls for justice persist, Angelo Fick thinks about the meanings of Marikana for contemporary South Africa.
Donald Trump revealed last night that he attributes fault for the violence in Charlottesville to “both sides”. GEORGINA GUEDES speculates this may end his reign.
Angelo Fick considers what the conduct of politicians before and after the motion of no confidence reveals about South African politics.
The conventional view is that insecurity of land tenure results from the lack of a registered title deed which records the property rights of occupants of land. By BEN COUSINS.
Angela Merkel’s comments about weapons as part of development for Africa could have the opposite effect if conditions aren’t strict and democratic processes aren't followed.
In this mess, citizens got neither accountability nor transparency and openness. By EBRAHIM FAKIR and IVOR SARAKINSKY.
Unless parliament passes a motion of no confidence in him, Zuma's future depends on whether he's weakened in the ANC. By STEVEN FRIEDMAN.
We should be wary of simplified and sweeping explanations about the scope for potential social and political reforms the middle classes can promote. By HENNING MELBER.
All three female contenders for the presidency have strong liberation struggle credentials and have also contributed to democracy. But, are they up to to the job? By AMANDA GOUWS.
The huge hype ahead of the vote of no confidence in President Zuma made the result anti-climactic. By KEITH GOTTSCHALK.
The motion of no confidence against President Jacob Zuma showcased tension at the heart of South Africa’s democracy. By ROGER SOUTHALL.
President Jacob Zuma survived his eighth motion of no confidence in Parliament on Tuesday. But JUDITH FEBRUARY says the damage has been done.
Citizens need to remedy the failure of representative institutions to perform their duties to call errant leaders to order, writes RAYMOND SUTTNER.
Even if President Zuma wins the no confidence vote, the consequences for the ruling ANC are dire. By ROGER SOUTHALL. would like to send you push notifications.
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