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Citizens need to remedy the failure of representative institutions to perform their duties to call errant leaders to order, writes RAYMOND SUTTNER.
Even if President Zuma wins the no confidence vote, the consequences for the ruling ANC are dire. By ROGER SOUTHALL.
Why do we think of a firefighter as a man and a nurse as a woman and not the other way around? By SARAH THEBAUD and LAURA DOERING.
The International Monetary Fund's view of how to fix South Africa's economy deserves to be seriously considered. By MATTHEW KOFI OCRAN.
Part of rebuilding our democracy is to recover the culture of debate, with our without the main political parties help, writes RAYMOND SUTTNER.
The St Johns scandal, the Wynberg School hair debacle… our schools have to rethink their rules and policies, says GEORGINA GUEDES.
When the so-call Trial of the Plant begins on Monday the argument should not be whether dagga causes harm but whether criminal prohibition is the effective way forward.
ANGELO FICK argues that the way in which St John's College handled allegations of racism reveals much about South Africa's failure to abolish white supremacy.
In our so-called Rainbow Nation, it's important to understand why the tweet comparing toddlers with dogs is offensive, writes MIKE SILUMA.
It's premature to conclude that the Guptas and Zuma are on the way out, especially in the light of the failure of law enforcement agencies to investigate, writes RAYMOND SUTTNER.
The suicide of Linkin Park's Chester Bennington has highlighted the need to help people in emotional pain. GEORGINA GUEDES highlights the best approaches.
Jane Austen’s characters offer so much more to her readers than romance, and this is part of her enduring appeal. By LIZZIE ROGERS.
ANGELO FICK considers the political significance of the increasing security on South African university campuses.
Two authors reveal 40 years of systematic distortion of facts about health and the environment, including claimate change and the dangers of smoking.
Why is it that humans speak so many languages? And why are they so unevenly spread across the planet? By MICHAEL GAVIN.
Rock music against military conscription during 1980s South Africa resonated with wider fault lines in Afrikaner society - as the apartheid regime's grip on power started to slip.
The link between marriage and BMI has been much debated, with different theories offering conflicting predictions. By JOANNA SYRDA.
To honour the legacy of Nelson Mandela, South Africa could do with its citizens becoming more active in driving development - particularly efforts to tackle poverty and inequality.
Angelo Fick warns against the political risks presented by South African defenders of Emmanuel Macron's racist views of African women.
The Conversation Africa asked academics across the continent what impact Tedros Ghebreyesus' appointment will have, and for advice on what he needs to do, to manage the challenges.
Why is it that the ANC is ambivalent about and has repressed memories of Chief Albert Luthuli? asks RAYMOND SUTTNER.
Reflecting on the lives of Ray Phiri and Johnny Mekoa also shows how South Africans see the music the world calls jazz.
A strong cold front is set to make landfall on Saturday bringing much needed rain and snow.
LUKHONA MNGUNI reflects back on the 5th ANC National Policy Conference. would like to send you push notifications.
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