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It's emerged auditing firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) gave Facebook's privacy policies the thumbs up during a massive data breach.
The company reportedly has one or two months of stored component supplies before the ban will affect its business.
The Bajau people of Indonesia can stay underwater for as long as 13 minutes at a time.
"What we want to do is (figure out) how we can make the cars more automatic, more friendly, more like a partner of human beings rather than just a driving tool," he said.
To cool down, the Latrine blowfly blows bubbles with its stomach juices through its mouth, and then sucks them back in, scientists revealed on Thursday.
A disabled entrepeneur's mapping app, Mapp4all, informs disabled users of accessibility options to enable them to navigate buildings in cities.
The washing machine-sized spacecraft is built to search outside the solar system, scanning the nearest, brightest stars for signs of periodic dimming.
Items least likely to be thrown out included salty snacks, table oils, egg dishes, candy and soft drinks.
May has pledged to eradicate avoidable plastic waste by 2042 as part of a "national plan of action".
It is the first time Porsche's offices have been searched over the diesel cheating controversy, while Audi has already been raided three times over the past year.
The US Preventive Services Task Force found vitamin D supplements have no benefits in preventing falls in the elderly.
The social network has been rocked by disclosures about the hijacking of personal data on tens of millions of its users.
The global streaming network grew its subscriber base by 7,4 million users between January and March 2018.
British and American scientists find an enzyme that breaks down the plastic used for bottles.
Obesity in either or both parents increases the chances of heart attacks, stroke, immune disease and diabetes in offspring, say researchers.
The facial recognition tool, launched in 2010, suggests names for people it identifies in photos uploaded by users.
The US Department of Homeland Security said the hacking was part of a broad operation dubbed Grizzly Steppe which comprises concerting cyberattacks by Moscow's agencies.
"Roskomnadzor has received the ruling of (Moscow's) Tagansky court to block Telegram's services on Russian territory.
The Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite, or TESS, is "in excellent health and remains ready for launch," SpaceX said on Twitter.
Not on Facebook? Well the social media giant could still have created a shadow profile for you, without your knowledge or permission, says Andrew Quodling.
The new washing machine-sized spacecraft is to launch on Monday evening.
Schools must 'only use domestic social networks' for their communication, the ministry said in a statement, according to the reformist-linked news agency.
Privacy concerns have swamped Facebook since it acknowledged last month that information about millions of users
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