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Called IGTV in a nod to traditional television, the service plans to feature videos from rising internet celebrities, artists and pets.
The announcement came at an event hosted by Instagram chief Kevin Systrom announcing a new feature enabling users to share long-form videos up to one hour long.
The North African country went offline on Wednesday for the start of high school diploma exams, the first in a series of internet blackouts.
The last forest frontiers also play a critical role in maintaining biodiversity, weather stability, clean air, and water quality.
Specialised teams will scrutinise suspect viruses, looking to confirm its strain of Ebola and hunting for clues such as the virus's ancestry and evolution.
It comes after financial services company Liberty announced on Saturday it had become the victim of hackers.
Many chronic diseases are linked to obesity, including type 2 diabetes, heart disease, some cancers and arthritis.
Scotland's highest court has ruled in favour of a government ban on fracking which had been challenged by energy giant Ineos
An engineer and colonel in the US Air Force, Hague was one of eight selected in 2013 for NASA's astronaut candidate training program.
Tesla’s future long-term profitability hinges on ramping up Model 3 output, which is intended for mass production.
The users were told by Apple that they were not eligible for a remedy if the iPhone or iPad had been repaired by another company.
Key symptoms include "impaired control" – notably the inability to stop playing – and focusing on the game to the exclusion of everything else.
Nasa is planning a series of lunar missions beginning next year aimed at developing the capacity for a return to the moon.
Beset by habitat destruction, overfishing and pollution, the ocean is losing the ability to provide the benefits that humans have come to rely on.
From Asia to the Middle East, thousands of migrant domestic workers are trapped in debt and cannot escape, even if they are abused.
The new guidelines mean that in practice children could receive the therapy at earlier ages if they meet certain criteria.
The financial services provided confirmed it had been subject to illegal and unauthorised access to its IT infrastructure.
The idea for CT Drought Info was sparked by Day Zero, the day the city’s taps will run dry.
In China, competes aggressively with e-commerce leader Alibaba, which runs the popular Taobao and Tmall shopping platforms.
Voice shopping using smart speakers and smartphone apps is starting to gain traction among consumers.
The latest warning about the rise of virtual currencies was made by the Bank of International Settlements.
The move comes after Netflix signed a deal with former US president Barack Obama and his wife Michelle to produce shows for that platform.
The discovery, which has been tested on mice, shows that the new antibody can help control the virus and eliminate infected cells.
The privately-funded project, which will reportedly cost $1-billion, will require an injection of capital into the company. It has raised only a fraction of that amount to date. would like to send you push notifications.
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