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On top of animals killed by bullets or bombs, war boosts poaching amid failing law enforcement ivory, hides and other products to be sold for more weapons.
"New York City is standing up for future generations by becoming the first major US city to divest our pension funds from fossil fuels," said Mayor Bill de Blasio.
Further tests will assess whether the antibodies are actually effective in countering the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome virus.
The finding follows other studies linking fungicides to a worldwide plunge in honey bee and wild bee populations which are crucial for pollinating crops.
Michael Wolff’s explosive book about a tumultuous Trump White House is topping the bestseller lists.
Researchers at Google showed how a hacker could exploit the flaw to get passwords, encryption codes and more.
The classified intelligence satellite, built by Northrop Grumman Corp, failed to separate from the second stage of the Falcon 9 rocket.
The spray contains naloxone, an emergency treatment that blocks the production of a neurotransmitter linked to pleasure with a central role in addictions.
MTN says it is ready to deploy the technology commercially but cannot do so until it has access to additional frequency spectrum.
One of the world's largest trade shows, CES is drawing an expected 170,000 people and 40,000 exhibitors from dozens of countries.
Apple already provides parental controls on iPhones that allow restricting access to certain apps and content.
Authorities claim most attempts are not deliberate and point to a decrease in recent years. Parliament blocked 113,208 attempts in 2016, down from 213,020 the previous year.
The electric-powered concept car is touted as a computing device on wheels.
SpaceX has launched national security payloads in the past, including a spy satellite for the National Reconnaissance Office, and an X-37B space plane for the US Air Force.
A Gaza economist said the restoration of electricity from Israel, the enclave's main electricity supplier, could raise power delivery to six hours.
Young was a man of many firsts: the only astronaut to fly in the Gemini, Apollo and space shuttle programs and the first to fly into space six times.
Twitter has announced it would not block world leaders just days after US President Donald Trump's tweet sparked criticism that the social network was allowing threats of violence.
Stuff magazine publisher Toby Shapshak names the camera, phone, game and other gadgets that impress him most.
A satellite has documented a decrease in the hole in the ozone layer following the banning of CFC gases.
Amost all microprocessors produced over the past 10 years by Intel, AMD and ARM are affected by the computer security flaw.
Betty Baziana, the lifelong partner of Greek leader Alexis Tsipras, said the Wikipedia online profile gets her place of birth and political affiliation wrong.
The findings suggest that one of the characteristics that distinguishes humans from apes is the tendency to avoid people who mistreat others.
Spotify's closest rival is Apple Music, which was launched in 2015 as the market shifts away from the purchased downloading of songs on the tech giant's iTunes.
Samsung Electronics "gained the most market share and took the number one position from Intel - the first time Intel has been toppled since 1992". would like to send you push notifications.
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