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India's first mission to Mars left Earth's orbit Sunday, successfully entering the second phase of its journey that could see New Delhi win Asia's race to the Red Planet.
An inventor has given up a year of his life to make a dream come true, a 250kg robot made mostly of scrap metal and second hand electrics.
China will launch its first ever moon rover mission on Monday, state media said, as Beijing embarks on the latest stage in its ambitious space programme.
There is a sliver of hope that Comet ISON may have survived.
Tablet computers are getting cheaper, with one launched this week by an Indian company for less than the price of an iPad cover.
A new robot lending a helping hand at Johannesburg's Helen Joseph Hospital has seen substantial improvements in delivering treatment for HIV positive patients.
China will land its first probe on the moon in early December which will deploy a buggy to explore its surface.
Samsung Electronics Co is expected to spend around $14 billion -- more than Iceland's GDP -- on advertising and marketing this year.
The mobile money transfer industry in Kenya is having its most profitable year ever as more and morel locals opt to pay for goods using their mobile phones.
Scientists said it appears a comet from the fringes of the solar system did not survive its close encounter with the sizzling sun.
Turkish mobile phone company Turkcell has taken to its $4.2 billion lawsuit against rival MTN Group to the South Gauteng High Court in Johannesburg.
First year UJ students will have to have either a laptop or a tablet for their studies in 2014, the university said.
Young Africans will start driving the data and mobile economy in 2014, according to a mobility research study conducted by World Wide Worx.
Imagine a hospital room, door handle or kitchen countertop that is free from bacteria -- and not one drop of disinfectant to zap the germs.
US astrophysicists are split over what will happen when the comet ISON passes near the sun on Thursday, but a majority think it will break apart.
They are only a year old, but this next team we're going to meet has already cracked a serious nod on the gaming front, they call themselves Thoopid and this is their story.
Nations like the US and South Korea have really started cashing in on the manufacture and sale of smart devices; a home grown entrepreneur is eyeing the gap.
Ever wondered where app geeks gather to be with their own kind? Well, wonder no more...
It seems there's been an explosion in cab hailing apps of late and this week we're bringing you the lowdown on another contender.
Google Inc executive chairman, Eric Schmidt, has highlighted the increasing challenges the Chinese government will have with their online censorship laws.
Technology giants, Sony and Microsoft, are slugging it out with competing gaming offerings in the run up to Christmas.
According to a new report, watching sport can make you fitter.
Microsoft says more than 1 million Xbox One consoles have been sold worldwide since their midnight launch.
Twitter announced it has toughened the encryption of traffic at the globally popular one-to-many messaging service to thwart online snooping. would like to send you push notifications.
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