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Doctors say a lack of heart donors has led Germans to use heart pumps more frequently, even though they are often regarded as second best to a cardiac transplant.
Scientists have uncovered what they are calling their best find in 14 years. They've found 28 fossilised bones of a dinosaur in Germany.
An innovative project in London is helping people to prolong the life of their electronic devices by repairing them and encouraging others to do learn to do the same.
Taiwan's smartphone maker HTC said Monday net profit slumped 98.1% in the three months to March compared to a year earlier.
cheaper, easier and smarter devices in this year’s battle for mobile dominance
Facebook unveiled a software suite that stakes out a 'home' on Android smartphones as it steps up its challenge to Apple and Google.
Scientist have managed to decode dreams using MRI scanners to read patterns
A South African system that detects fires from space will be used to assist fire-prone Angola.
British scientists have used a custom-made 3D printer to make living tissue-like material that could one day serve medical purposes.
A website thought to be the handiwork of Mark Zuckerberg at the age of 15 has resurfaced on the Internet.
Combining traditional medicine with cutting-edge technology is yielding significant results.
For much of April, the sun blocks the line of sight between Earth and Mars.
The mobile phone turned 40 on Wednesday, with no fanfare to mark the occasion.
Renault's new Zoe electric supermini is to go on sale in Germany in June.
Facebook is set to unveil its "home" on the Android smartphone in a move that is expected to tie the social network's services tightly into mobile software.
A joint-venture deal between Sony and medical equipment maker Olympus has won regulatory approval and is going ahead.
Timelines Inc. gets permission to sue Facebook. The Chicago company filed its lawsuit weeks after Facebook introduced its "timeline" feature.
US President Obama announced Tuesday funding worth US$100 million for cutting-edge research of the human brain.
A constellation of commercial and scientific satellites flying overhead are being called on for humanitarian work.
Smartphones using the Android platform boosted their US market share in recent months, extending their lead over Apple's iPhone, a new survey shows.
Apple's chief executive has apologised to Chinese consumers in the face of media criticism over "arrogance" and double standards.
The US government is investigating whether a unit of Japanese electronics giant Panasonic Corporation paid bribes abroad to facilitate business deals.
Popular vehicles including Toyota's RAV are still in the fore despite their heavy frames and high fuel consumption
Tech giants are reported to be conceptualising around the idea of Smartwatch would like to send you push notifications.
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