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An experimental drone aircraft landed on an aircraft carrier using autonomous navigation for the first time, the US Navy said Thursday.
Tablets have pushed the sale of desktop computers to its longest decline in PC market history.
Microsoft announced a sweeping reorganisation of the company to help integrate efforts around its software and devices.
Google on Wednesday released an upgraded version of its popular maps app for Android-powered smartphones and tablets.
The spy scandal that has erupted over former US intelligence operative Edward Snowden has sparked fears among some mobile users.
Australian scientists have made ground-breaking progress that might help resolve electricity supply challenges in the future.
A federal judge ruled that Apple Inc conspired with five major publishers to raise the retail prices of e-books.
An original Apple computer from 1976 has sold at auction for nearly $388,000.
Astronomers reported their best observation yet of a massive star embryo growing within a dark cloud -- the largest stellar "womb" ever spotted in our Milky Way galaxy.
Australia said it had taken a major step towards the ambitious Square Kilometre Array (SKA) astronomy project with the switching on Tuesday of a test telescope.
Physicists said Tuesday that a so-called optical lattice clock, touted by some as the time-measuring device of the future, had passed a key accuracy test.
A simplified lab can slash the cost of in-vitro fertilisation treatment to around €200, offering hope to millions of infertile couples in the developing world.
Japan plans to launch satellites to monitor the world's oceans, a report said Sunday.
British astronomers have set up an experts' network to promote the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, the Royal Astronomical Society said.
An aircraft powered only by the sun's rays completed the final leg of a transcontinental US trip late Saturday despite suffering a tear in its wing.
While attention may have focused on Curiosity ever since the $2.5 billion rover landed on Mars in August 2012, its the older and more modest Opportunity that continues to defy.
A return to the Moon could be hampered by dust, a poorly-understood threat to machines and people alike, according to a presentation at a space conference that ended Friday.
The electronic surveillance programme the NSA is using to spy on ordinary citizens is known as "Prism", where the US government collects mass data from large databases.
European astronomers said on Friday they had devised a technique to detect water in the atmosphere of planets orbiting other stars.
The seas off China have been hit by their largest ever growth of algae, ocean officials said, with vast waves of green growth washing onto the shores of the Yellow Sea.
In a breakthrough for regenerative medicine, Japanese scientists have grown a functional human liver from stem cells.
South Korea on Thursday said it would double its cyber-security budget and train 5,000 experts amid growing concern over its vulnerability to attacks it blames on North Korea.
Douglas Engelbart, who revolutionised computing by inventing the mouse, died in California on Tuesday at the age of 88.
Honda Motor Co.'s walking, talking interactive robot is running into glitches in its new job as a museum guide. would like to send you push notifications.
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