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Facebook is set to unveil its "home" on the Android smartphone in a move that is expected to tie the social network's services tightly into mobile software.
A joint-venture deal between Sony and medical equipment maker Olympus has won regulatory approval and is going ahead.
Timelines Inc. gets permission to sue Facebook. The Chicago company filed its lawsuit weeks after Facebook introduced its "timeline" feature.
US President Obama announced Tuesday funding worth US$100 million for cutting-edge research of the human brain.
A constellation of commercial and scientific satellites flying overhead are being called on for humanitarian work.
Smartphones using the Android platform boosted their US market share in recent months, extending their lead over Apple's iPhone, a new survey shows.
Apple's chief executive has apologised to Chinese consumers in the face of media criticism over "arrogance" and double standards.
The US government is investigating whether a unit of Japanese electronics giant Panasonic Corporation paid bribes abroad to facilitate business deals.
Popular vehicles including Toyota's RAV are still in the fore despite their heavy frames and high fuel consumption
Tech giants are reported to be conceptualising around the idea of Smartwatch
Console gaming manufacturers are been given a run for their money by independent developers who are empowering mobile devices with graphics and processing for gaming
Canadian researchers have developed a ground-breaking method which may ultimately enable excess energy created by wind turbines and solar panels to be stored for later use.
After the private buyout was unveiled in February, some investors claimed it undervalued a company that once was the world's biggest PC maker and pledged to vote against the deal.
Facebook has always emphasised that there are no plans to compete in the hardware industry saying that they are going the opposite direction
Virtual Reality has been used in the military for years but has been too expensive for home gamers
Over 25% of US businesspersons in China said their proprietary data or trade secrets have been breached or stolen from their China operations.
Although the company has said they have ruled out sabotage, services are only likely to be restored next month
A new Russian-American crew has arrived at the Inernational Space Station in the fastest ever time
Google Street View allows viewers to explore Japan's nuclear ghost towns
Eyeing the fourth year in a row of exceptionally harsh late-winter weather in parts of Europe and North America, scientists suggest warming is precisely the problem.
A Chinese firm accuses Apple of copying "Siri" iPhone software.
Seventeen year old Nick D'Aloisio will receive between 20 and 40 million US dollars for his mobile news reader application, "Summly" from Yahoo.
The private buyout which could possibly be postponed is worth $24 Billion and will give shareholders almost $14 per share
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