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Apple said Sunday that it took its software developers website offline after it was hacked, warning that personal information about them may have been stolen.
It's a single circuit board the size of a credit card with no screen or keyboard, a far cry from the smooth tablets that dominate the technology market.
A Free State University professor's computer programming skills and garage tinkering has led to a tool that costs a fraction of the normal price, and may change lives too.
Tests at the world's biggest collider have provided the most exhaustive confirmation to date of the Standard Model, a four-decade-old conceptual framework for fundamental particles
Two NASA spacecraft are about to take pictures of the Earth for planetary science research, and the US space agency is encouraging people worldwide to jump into the shot.
Two newly discovered viruses are twice as large as the previous record-holders and may represent a completely new life form.
Deforestation has soared in the Brazilian Amazon since a new forestry code was passed last year at the urging of the agribusiness lobby.
British authorities recommended that distress beacons onboard all Boeing Dreamliners be disabled, after identifying the devices as the likely cause of a fire on a 787 at Heathrow.
Dell postponed a vote Thursday on a $24.4 billion go-private buyout plan amid opposition by major shareholders, creating new uncertainty for the former number one computer maker.
The British government it would look again at how it safeguards its telecommunications networks from feared security risks posed by the involvement of Chinese giant Huawei.
The European Union's environment commissioner says China can curb pollution without sacrificing economic growth.
An Australian research firm launched the world's first anti-shark wetsuit, using new discoveries about the predators' eyesight to stave off or evade attacks.
Medical research that uses animals to test therapies for human brain disorders is often biased, claiming positive results and then failing in human trials.
NASA cut short a spacewalk at the International Space Station Tuesday after an Italian astronaut discovered water leaking in his helmet.
Apple said Monday it would investigate claims that an iPhone electrocuted a Chinese woman who was making a call while charging the device.
A Canadian-built helicopter that is powered by a human riding a bicycle has become the first winner of a decades-old $250,000 engineering prize.
Smart phone apps have come a long way since their invention five years ago.
The Bank of England has opened the doors of its famous Threadneedle Street headquarters to the world with a free app that gives a virtual tour of the 319-year-old institution.
Nokia has introduced a new smartphone, the Lumia 1020, with a powerful 41-megapixel camera in its latest bid to catch up with rivals Samsung Electronics Co Ltd and Apple Inc.
Powerful earthquakes thousands of kilometres away can trigger swarms of minor quakes near waste water injection wells like those used in oil and gas recovery, scientists say.
An experimental drone aircraft landed on an aircraft carrier using autonomous navigation for the first time, the US Navy said Thursday.
Tablets have pushed the sale of desktop computers to its longest decline in PC market history.
Microsoft announced a sweeping reorganisation of the company to help integrate efforts around its software and devices.
Google on Wednesday released an upgraded version of its popular maps app for Android-powered smartphones and tablets. would like to send you push notifications.
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