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With most European operators targeting 2020 for its rollout, 5G is the term on everyone's lips at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.
Today, the two kinds of living elephants in Africa, savanna and forest elephants, are indeed different species but researchers found no recent evidence that they mate with each
The desert, which spans parts of Chile and Peru, is the driest non-polar desert on Earth and may contain the environment most like that of the Red Planet.
The tech giant showed how it could use Artificial Intelligence in a new way at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.
It comes after MultiChoice announced it will remove ANN7 from its bouquet come August.
The case pits the interests of tech companies and privacy advocates in safeguarding customer data against the demands of law enforcement.
The company said using its mobile technology and data to measure human mobility and the spread of infections, could save lives.
Samsung also included a dual lense camara on the Galaxy S line for the first time, which will improve low-light capture and enhance slow motion video.
The Y chromosome has degenerated rapidly, leaving females with two perfectly normal X chromosomes, but males with an X and a shrivelled Y.
Areas targeted at the outset will include health care, education, agriculture and urban infrastructure.
Users can view the film by downloading a free app onto their smartphone, which they then insert into an inexpensive virtual reality headset.
The move aims to help Google, which has been lagging in the market for connected devices against Amazon's Alexa-powered hardware, ramp up competition in new markets.
CEO Brian Chesky said the home-booking app has changed its point of view on responsibility.
Space-X, which proved the utility of its massive Falcon Heavy rocket earlier this month, put up the Paz imaging satellite.
The new options came in Airbnb's 'roadmap' described as putting the sharing economy star on a path to serving one billion guests annually by 2028.
A Taiwanese person uses 700 plastic bags annually on average. The aim is to reduce the number to 100 by 2025.
Th 3D-printed hands and feet cost a fraction of the cost of conventional prosthetics.
The crackdown is part of an effort to weed out automated and fake accounts, a move which rankled some conservative personalities.
Russia, North Korea and Iran are the main sources of hacks on financial institutions, while China is the most active in cyber espionage.
Samsung's Galaxy S8 smartphone was a consumer and critical success and has gone from strength to strength financially.
Bahraini rights activist Nabeel Rajab was sentenced over tweets which criticised air strikes in Yemen by a Saudi-led coalition, of which Bahrain is a member.
The study revealed that malicious use of artificial intelligence poses imminent threats to digital, physical and political security.
The three species of blood-drinking bats, all native to Latin America, have razor-sharp teeth that shave away hair before piercing their victims' skin and opening the spigot.
The relics include a shrine to the Mayan god of war and commerce, with a staircase accessed through a sink-hole in the middle of the jungle. would like to send you push notifications.
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