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D-BOX is a new immersive film experience that uses motion to mimic the live action on screen.
Traditionally, ad firms have measured the success of their campaigns through consumer surveys, but that technique has its limits.
It had previously been scheduled to make its first flight earlier this year but it is unclear why it was delayed after ground tests took place in April.
China has shut down or revoked the licenses of 13,000 websites since 2015 for violating the country's internet rules, state media reported Sunday.
Last week, US company Blink added video doorbell to its offerings.
The Georgia Public Service Commission on Thursday approved construction of Vogtle reactors three and four.
A total of 81 satellites are expected by the time the launches are complete for the global project, known as Iridium NEXT.
An Israeli digital platform for drug-dealing, Telegrass has won praise from its users but sparked alarm among drug counsellors and police.
Ryanair said nine of the 36 flights scheduled to depart within the strike window were delayed by the actions of 'a small number of pilots'.
VW admitted in 2015 to equipping about 11 million cars worldwide with defeat devices, including about 600,000 vehicles in the United States.
Critics say that without the rules, broadband providers could change how the internet works by possibly blocking or throttling services or websites for competitive reasons.
'The truth is that Amazon makes money with these fakes,' Birkenstock chief executive Oliver Reichert told Spiegel news weekly.
The search giant established a $1.5 billion fund in September dedicated to developing driverless cars and is getting set to launch its first models.
UPC Austria is owned by the Liberty Global group and is the Alpine nation's largest cable operator covering 36 percent of households.
The blast is the kind of event that produces as much as half of the universe's gold, platinum, uranium and mercury, experts say.
Johnson expressed hope that public attention to the issue will pressure Facebook to work to quell criminal activity by some of its 2 billion users worldwide.
The admission played into concerns that Apple was stealthily nudging iPhone users to upgrade to newer models by letting them think it was the handsets that needed replacing.
Some farmers in southern Peru are reportedly abandoning livestock farming due to deaths of their animals from the infectious disease, he said by phone from Santiago, Chile.
The mission, called Dragonfly, would involve sending a "drone-like rotorcraft that would explore the prebiotic chemistry and habitability of dozens of sites," NASA said.
Recently a fake account bearing the name of a Cabinet Minister was created as a platform to solicit money through a purported contract deal to the amount of R25-million.
Outgoing ANC NEC member Jackson Mthembu said government’s initial deadline to migrate by the end of December 2018 could not be met.
When life gave one Chinese company giant panda poop, it decided to make paper - and profits.
The Japanese electronics maker is poised to report its highest-ever profit this year on strong sales of image sensors.
A species of Mexican fish amasses in reproductive orgies so loud they can deafen other sea animals, scientists say. would like to send you push notifications.
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