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Th 3D-printed hands and feet cost a fraction of the cost of conventional prosthetics.
The crackdown is part of an effort to weed out automated and fake accounts, a move which rankled some conservative personalities.
Russia, North Korea and Iran are the main sources of hacks on financial institutions, while China is the most active in cyber espionage.
Samsung's Galaxy S8 smartphone was a consumer and critical success and has gone from strength to strength financially.
Bahraini rights activist Nabeel Rajab was sentenced over tweets which criticised air strikes in Yemen by a Saudi-led coalition, of which Bahrain is a member.
The study revealed that malicious use of artificial intelligence poses imminent threats to digital, physical and political security.
The three species of blood-drinking bats, all native to Latin America, have razor-sharp teeth that shave away hair before piercing their victims' skin and opening the spigot.
The relics include a shrine to the Mayan god of war and commerce, with a staircase accessed through a sink-hole in the middle of the jungle.
Israel has limited natural resources but in the past few years it has discovered major gas fields off its northern coast and is building the infrastructure needed to tap the gas.
The Church of England has 16,000 church buildings, about 65 percent of them in rural communities.
The band-aid-like device is just one millimetre thick and can monitor important health data as well as send and receive messages, including emojis.
The postcard verification is Facebook's latest effort to respond to criticism from lawmakers, security experts and election integrity watchdog groups.
US technology company Amazon has recently devoured Whole Foods Market, and is now biting into health care.
Research had been published suggesting that chemicals used to fry potatoes could help stimulate hair growth.
Google's new ad filtering system rolled out this week aims to eliminate the 'irritating' marketing messages such as pop-ups and auto-play video ads.
A Belgium court has ruled that social network giant, Facebook to stop tracking internet users who have no accounts with the US social network.
It warned of malicious activity by "nation-states" and specifically cited Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea.
Social media is key to public health campaigns, whether promoting better nutrition, encouraging exercise or addressing concerns over vaccine coverage.
The benchmark of 1cm dilation an hour should be changed to 5cm during the first 12 hours, the organisation says.
A German military general said the nation should prepare to defend against robot weapons if they were used by other countries, but had no plans to obtain such weapons.
The European Commission has accused US social media giants Facebook and Twitter of not complying with its consumer rules.
The 30-year-old transgender woman, who was born male, had not undergone any genital or breast surgeries.
The app also provides advice and emergency numbers for unaccompanied children and migrants who can end up victims of slavery and exploitation.
A study found “intense licking” from the ants reduced the fatality rates of wounded soldiers from 80% to just 10%. would like to send you push notifications.
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