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More than half of the world populations lives within 200km of a coast, according to the tech giant.
A Japanese company says the hovering sunshades are ideal for golfers.
Experts are focused on Southeast Asia, home to four of the world's top marine plastic polluters.
The tourists would ride aboard a Dragon capsule, hoisted into space on SpaceX's most powerful rocket to date, the Falcon Heavy.
Apple's software upgrades also include features that help users understand how much time they are spending on their devices.
Vice president of Huawei consumer business group Southern Africa, said the Huawei P series has established itself as the benchmark of exquisite design and best-in-class photography
'Friends' information, like photos, was only accessible on devices when people made a decision to share their information with those friends,' he said.
The project is aimed at "issuing a digital currency linked to a physical coin".
Cchemotherapy is not necessary in about 70 percent of patients diagnosed with the most common form of the cancer, a new study finds.
Carmakers have boosted revenues by over $1 billion in the past decade by using sophisticated pricing software.
'I think the smaller operators have come to the market with some pretty aggressive plans," said Tech Central Editor Duncan Mcleod.
'This thing emerged called Uber or Muber or whatever," said Erdogan. "But this issue is now finished. It's over now.'
Volunteers and vets tried to save the pilot whale, which had 80kg of plastic in its stomach.
After 10 years, six percent of the targeted group was alive, compared with just one percent in the other group.
The landscape has shifted since a 2014-15 Pew survey which found Facebook leading other social networks with 71 percent of the teen segment.
The new subscription service ramps up competition with Amazon, which gives customers a variety of benefits and delivery options through its Prime subscription membership.
Waymo plans to launch the 'world's first self-driving transportation service' this year, with people able to summon rides from driverless vehicles using a smartphone application.
The WHO says smoking has declined significantly since 2000 but warned there are still too many people indulging in the dangerous habit.
Scientists say Earth is enduring its sixth mass species extinction, the first since the demise of the dinosaurs, in half-a-billion years.
A research team used laser light stimulation to artificially "switch on" neuron connections to sweet or bitter regions of the amygdala in the brain.
Without sufficient Vitamin D, people are at risk of rickets, a weakened bone condition that may result in stunted growth and bowed legs.
The high risk, fluctuating cryptocurrency market appeals to the problem gambler, according to a therapist at an addition clinic in Scotland.
There are about 232,000 new cases of melanoma and 55,500 deaths in the world each year, researchers said.
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