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The team briefly found itself in the global spotlight last July when the United States denied four of its members visas to travel to an academic robotics competition.
Likely made up of unknown sub-atomic material, dark matter is invisible to telescopes and can be perceived only through its gravitational pull on other objects in the universe.
The yeti is a creature of folklore in the Himalayan region that has become a part of Western popular culture.
Florida has the most to lose because it has the most exposed coastline.
Environmental lobby groups, Earthlife Africa and the Southern African Faith Communities have launched an urgent court application against the energy department.
Researchers found that the arm bones of Neolithic women, who lived from 7,000 to 7,400 years ago, were 11-16 percent stronger for their size than rowers.
France and Germany unveiled the plans in July, burying past rivalries as part of a raft of measures to tighten defence and security cooperation.
A report by the research firm IDC said phablets, with displays larger than 5.5 inches or 14cm, will account for some 40 percent of the 1.5 billion smartphones sold in 2017.
Earlier research has shown that people who live alone die younger, succumb more quickly when they get cancer, and are generally in poorer health.
The product has uses as varied as elderly care and disaster response.
The security firm McAfee predicts that attackers will target wealthy individuals and connected devices.
The glitch was a fresh embarrassment for the Kremlin and emblematic of problems plaguing Russia's beleaguered space programme.
Thieves in the UK are using new technology to steal cars in under a minute with no keys.
The cryptocurrency reached a record high above $9,895 (R136,000) on Tuesday afternoon.
African island nation Seychelles appears to be a popular destination for those looking for welcoming places with low taxes.
Moody's did not confirm or deny that, but said it had "worked closely" with the investigation, and had not lost any customer or employee data to the hackers.
The advance offers a leap forward in the field of soft robotics, which is fast replacing an older generation of robots that were jerky and rigid in their movements.
The festive sales spree it not over - hot on the heels of Black Friday madness, South Africans are cottoning on to the Cyber Monday trend.
The cryptocurrency may have smashed through the record $8,000-level but regulatory concerns remain large.
Royal Dutch Shell stole a march on rivals in the race to remove one of the biggest obstacles facing the electric car sector.
Tencent and Alibaba have made their fortunes by cornering China's own vast market of 750 million internet users.
Wang Junkai, lead singer of the popular TFBOYS, posted a video of himself on his Weibo account asking the author of 'A Brief History of Time' 'an excellent question'.
The success of the project brings hope for the resuscitation of damaged reefs arounf the world.
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