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A video has emerged of a construction crew tearing down one of the Belize’s largest ancient Mayan pyramids, to turn into gravel.
Brazil became the third and largest Latin American country to give a de facto green light to same-sex marriage.
The US administration pushed back after being accused of undermining press freedom by seizing reporters' phone records, claiming officials took the drastic steps to protect America
Venezuela has inaugurated a mausoleum that will hold the remains of the South American liberator Simon Bolivar.
The death toll from an accident at a US-owned mine in remote eastern Indonesia rose to four, as rescuers struggle to reach 23 workers still trapped underground in a collapsed mine
Japan's atomic regulator Wednesday ordered a halt to plans to restart an experimental reactor because of safety concerns.
A 53-year-old Taiwanese woman has been charged with human trafficking after allegedly sending hundreds of Cambodians to work in slave-like conditions on fishing boats.
Targeted by the Taliban, women and minorities vastly under-represented, and videos of irregularities went viral online yet Pakistan's 2013 election may still have been its fairest.
65 years after their ancestors were driven out during the Nakba, the "catastrophe" that befell Palestinians, Arab Israeli youths are returning to the village of Iqrit, Upper galile
Bangladeshi factory worker, Reshma Begum who survived for two weeks trapped under rubble speaks out about her experience.
Taiwan has slammed Manila's response to the shooting death of a Taiwanese fisherman in disputed waters as less than formal or sincere.
OJ Simpson became so dependent on his lawyer during his Las Vegas armed robbery trial that the former football star would have done anything Yale Galanter advised
Two sets of talks on Wednesday aimed at easing tensions over Iran's nuclear programme are not expected to produce a major breakthrough.
A US diplomat was ordered to leave Russia after the Kremlin's security services said he tried to recruit a Russian agent.
A top judicial panel cleared the way for same-sex marriage in Brazil Tuesday, ruling that gay couples could not be denied marriage licenses.
A court hearing for two university students accused of destroying evidence in the Boston marathon bombing investigation has been cancelled.
A roadside bomb killed four US soldiers in south Afghanistan, the latest fatalities for the NATO-led coalition which is winding down after 12 years of fighting.
Israel's prime minister is under fire for a costly lifestyle at taxpayers' expense, just as his government is slashing welfare benefits and raising taxes.
A Pakistani anti-terrorism court extended former military ruler Pervez Musharraf's house arrest over the murder of Benazir Bhutto for 14 days.
German employees of Amazon staged their first-ever walkouts on Tuesday as the US Internet retail giant was hit by a dispute over pay.
A boat carrying up to 150 Rohingya Muslims fleeing a cyclone has capsized off Myanmar's coast, heightening fears over the storm threatening thousands of displaced people.
Indonesian police have shot dead a man who attacked them with a homemade bomb and is suspected of being part of a terror network targeted in deadly raids last week.
The death toll in twin car bombings in a Turkish town near the Syrian border has increased to 50 after another body was recovered and a victim died in hospital.
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