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A survey says that the rape and murder of a young woman in New Delhi followed by two attacks on foreign female travelers has altered how tourists view India.
Stumbling and groaning, dozens of zombies wondered through the streets of Tokyo.
Venezuela's two presidential candidates were burnt in effigy on Sunday in an Easter tradition that replaces the biblical Judas Iscariot with disliked public figures.
Authorities in Kuwait have hanged three convicted murderers – the first executions in the Gulf state since May 2007.
The number of foreign women tourists visiting India has dropped by 35 percent following a spate of sex attacks.
After North Korea declaring itself being in a state of war, South Korea is teaming up with the US in defence preparation.
Privately owned daily newspapers hit Myanmar's streets Monday for the first time in decades.
The City of New York resumes its search for the remains of those who perished in the September 11 attacks in 2001. It will sift through a mass of debris collected from Ground Zero.
India's top court has denied the patent request by Swiss drug giant Novartis in a landmark ruling.
In a landmark case, India's Supreme Court is set to rule on a patent challenge by Swiss drug giant Novartis that could threaten access to generic, life-saving drugs.
Tibetan authorities said chances were slim that any survivors would be found after searchers continued to look for miners buried in a landslide.
In an elaborate April Fools prank, YouTube announced it would delete everything after selecting the best video in the world.
Christians gather in prayer the world over on this particular weekend annually. They believe Christ dies and was resurrected on these dates.
Political analysts said Modi's political elevation was a sign that he has won the support of his party and various Hindu organisations to lead the charge.
At least 43 people have been killed while mosques and Muslim homes have been destroyed over the past fortnight in central Myanmar.
Roberto Azevedo, currently Brazil's ambassador to the WTO, is seen as a favourite in diplomatic circles.
Italy's president says he is not resigning and urges the political parties to have a greater sense of responsibility
Fifty cars smashed into each other during a highway pile-up in Switzerland.
US patients who may have been exposed to HIV and other infectious diseases by their dentist, have been sent for blood tests.
Pope Francis prepared to lead his first Easter Sunday celebrations with tens of thousands of people expected in St Peter's Square for a mass marking Christ's resurrection.
Around 1,400 visitors to the Eiffel Tower were rushed out of the world-famous monument after an anonymous phone call threatening an attack on Saturday night.
Paul Burks was the mastermind of a $600 million investment scam - one of the biggest in US history - that attracted one million investors.
The day started with marches to commemorate the 37th anniversary of the 'Land Day' before it broke into violent confrontations
Analysts expect the president to resign and give way to his successors who is believed to be in a better position to end crisis would like to send you push notifications.
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