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'He who owes nothing fears nothing, that's why I'm here in the name of God, who will clear up everything,' Juarez told reporters.
Speaking to party members in Madrid, Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy said Puigdemont had 'to be physically present' in Catalonia to take office.
Perez has been on the run since Venezuelan authorities issued an arrest warrant through Interpol after accusing him of a 'terrorist attack.'
Over 6,000 people demonstrated in the capital in protests against the reforms, police said.
'East German experiences have to be brought into the West and vice versa" as part of a programme to defend democracy.'
'When I said I worked for RT, I was told that I was not a journalist and only journalists were allowed in,' said an RT reporter, adding that he had presented his press card.
Dozens of princes, senior officials and top businessmen were detained and confined in the opulent Ritz-Carlton Riyadh as the government launched the purge in early November.
The North asked that the art troupe cross the border by foot via Panmunjom, located in the demilitarised zone where a North Korean soldier staged a daring defection to the South.
A Jakarta police spokesman said the collapse was an accident and not the result of an explosion.
The Iraqi interior ministry said the bombing targeted Aviation Square, a commercial area of Baghdad.
The pontiff is expected to go to Santiago on his first visit to Chile since becoming pope, and his sixth to Latin America.
Footage aired by TV stations showed several people lying on the ground and being carrying outside the building.
One week after taking office, US President Donald Trump decreed a 90-day ban on arrivals of people from seven Muslim majority countries.
"I'm not a racist. I am the least racist person you have ever interviewed, that I can tell you," US President Donald Trump told reporters.
In response to the renewed attacks, Santos recalled the head of the government's team at the Quito talks to discuss the future of the negotiations.
The Red Cross confirmed there was only one person wounded in the blast and said he had been transported to hospital in a civilian vehicle.
The French government welcomed the pledge to reimburse victims but said investigations would continue to determine why the contamination went undetected.
Heavy rain on Tuesday, which followed 10 months of drought, sent rivers of mud and debris flowing down the hills into Montecito.
'The idea was to restore gender neutrality,' ministry spokesman Ali Hassen said of the decision Wednesday to roll back the ban.
'There is a goal of a final force of approximately 30,000,' about half of whom would be retrained SDF fighters, he said.
The Pegasus Airlines flight had taken off smoothly from the capital Ankara bound for Trabzon, where the accident occurred as the plane was landing late Saturday.
The new deal with the Liberal Party was announced by the three party chiefs after ten days of negotiations in the southeast town of Moss.
Emergency management officials later admitted 'the wrong button was pushed' during a shift change.
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