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Macron said there was no chance of Turkey's membership bid, which has been languishing for years, moving forward.
She was arrested on December 20, day after her cousin Ahed Tamimi, 16, was detained in the wake of a viral video showing them slapping and kicking two soldiers the previous week.
Despite government warnings, anti-government protests grow. Tear gas fills the streets of downtown Tehran as hundreds of people scuffle with police.
The country stopped the sale and distribution of Dengvaxia last month after Sanofi, the French manufacturer, warned it could worsen symptoms for some people
The rocker, whose bad-boy antics are a fixture of Thai gossip columns, had just been released on bail after a video clip of him firing a pistol outside a Buddhist temple.
Heavy snowfall since Tuesday has disrupted the lives of more than half a million people in five provinces in central and eastern China.
Ferries and flights were cancelled as Auckland was pummelled by two months' worth of rain in 24 hours.
SAA flights are among the thousands that have been cancelled.
The book quotes key aides to US president Donald Trump, including Steve Bannon, expressing serious doubt about his fitness for office.
They are expected to discuss how to improve relations and the winter Olympics.
Lima police chief Victor Rucoba said there were no more bodies to recover, and that the focus now shifts to investigating the accident and determining its causes.
Borge is accused of selling government-owned real estate at one percent of its market value in his home state, Quintana Roo, which features Mexico's most famous Caribbean beaches.
The United States imposed sanctions Thursday on five Iranian companies it alleges have been working on an illegal ballistic missile programme, linking the move to the protests.
Eleanor, the fourth winter storm to hit Europe since December, swept into the continent on Wednesday after battering Britain and Ireland.
State television said 'army units had launched an assault to break the siege' of the Armoured Vehicle Base where some 250 soldiers are believed to be cut off.
Severe coral bleaching events used to happen once every 25 to 30 years. Now, they occur every six years on average, said the report in the journal Science.
Social media users have lashed out at US President Donald Trump's Twitter threat against North Korea, with many making fun of him.
Windspeeds are as high as 89-kilometres per hour.
DPRK leader Kim Jong Un has called for lower military tensions and expressed his willingness for his country to participate in next month's Winter Olympic Games.
Nine foreigners were rushed to hospital in various states of "agitated delirium" after ingesting a travel sickness drug they mistook for cocaine.
The US President enjoyed a modest bump in popularity over the Christmas break, prompting pollsters to wonder whether he's more popular when he stays out of the news.
Efforts to get at the bodies were suspended Tuesday night because the tide had risen and reached the bus, the police said.
Two thieves got away with earrings and a brooch on the final day of a four-month exhibition covering some 270 items showcasing five centuries of Indian craftsmanship.
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