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Nine foreigners were rushed to hospital in various states of "agitated delirium" after ingesting a travel sickness drug they mistook for cocaine.
The US President enjoyed a modest bump in popularity over the Christmas break, prompting pollsters to wonder whether he's more popular when he stays out of the news.
Efforts to get at the bodies were suspended Tuesday night because the tide had risen and reached the bus, the police said.
Two thieves got away with earrings and a brooch on the final day of a four-month exhibition covering some 270 items showcasing five centuries of Indian craftsmanship.
Macron, who came to power in May, has previously lashed out at the Russian outlets as spreaders of 'deceitful propaganda' and 'organs of influence'.
'Steve Bannon has nothing to do with me or my presidency. When he was fired, he not only lost his job, he lost his mind,' Trump said in a statement .
The 59-year-old man, named as Karl-Heinz N., was convicted in 1996 by a court in Thailand for sexual offences against minors, the reports said.
DNA damage can lead to cell death, but can also trigger the body's natural repair mechanisms. However, if the DNA is repaired incorrectly, it can lead to cancer.
Protests over economic problems broke out in Iran's second city Mashhad last week and quickly spread across the country, turning against the regime as a whole.
Relations between Trump's White House and the Palestinians were already tense after the US president's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital last month.
Israel's Shin Bet security agency suggested South Africa effectively served as an Iranian spy hub.
The powerful winter storm cut power to over 200,000 households in northern France and is set to move to other regions throughout the day.
Research vessel Seabed Constructor has set off from South Africa for the Indian Ocean with the aim of arriving in the search zone by mid-January, a source said.
As the storm bears down, an arctic air mass will remain entrenched over the eastern two-thirds of the country through the end of the week.
Mormon President Thomas Monson died on Tuesday evening surrounded by his family, the church said in a statement on its website.
State television broadcast live pictures of rallies in Kermanshah, Ilam and Gorgan, where marchers waved Iranian flags and pictures of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.
YouTube star Logan Paul said he had posted the video in a mistaken effort to draw attention to the problem of depression and suicide.
US President Donald Trump says his nuclear button is much bigger and more powerful than that of his North Korean counterpart.
The bus with 55 passengers and two crew on board went off the road about midday, It plunged 100 meters (330 feet) and landed upside down on rocks at the edge of the sea.
Glas,is the highest-ranking Latin American politician to be convicted and imprisoned for his role in a continent-wide scandal involving a Brazilian construction group, Odebrecht.
The declaration comes ahead of Hernandez being sworn into a new term on January 27.
Hatch's departure sets up what could be a return to national politics for Romney, who was the 2012 Republican presidential nominee.
The crash happened after a lorry shunted the car, sending it into the back of the tanker, which exploded.
Tehran said 21 people had died in clashes across the country as thousands of people took to the streets. Police have arrested hundreds of demonstrators. would like to send you push notifications.
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