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The US president and North Korea leader have had a particularly brash relationship with the pair often engaged in a war of words.
Australian steel and aluminium account for just a small percentage of the US import market, but Canberra has warned the tariffs would distort trade and lead to job losses.
US intelligence chiefs last month said Russian attempts to meddle in US politics are continuing unabated -- and pose a threat to mid-term congressional elections in November.
A shooter took three hostages at a veterans' home in Napa Valley, northern California.
More than 50,000 people have been jailed and over 150,000 sacked or suspended from the military, schools and the public institutions in the crackdown.
The police said the fire damaged six factories before it was brought under control but a few areas were still burning.
The Saitama district court found him guilty of killing a 41-year-old mother and her two daughters, aged 10 and seven, as well as an 84-year-old woman, and a couple in their 50s.
For the first time in nearly 60 years, after the era of the Castro brothers, the presidency of Cuba will go to someone who did not fight in the revolution of 1959.
The United States and North Korea were foes throughout the Cold War and fought on the opposite side of a bloody war in the 1950s.
The pope has promised to put more women in senior positions in the Vatican but critics say he is moving too slowly.
In his annual report to the council, Zeid restated his concern that "acts of genocide may have taken place" in the Rohingya homeland of Rakhine state.
Larry Nassar was jailed for life for molesting female athletes under the guise of medical treatment.
Prosecutors describe Madsen, an eccentric semi-celebrity who dreamed of developing private space travel, as a sexual sadist.
Muslim-owned businesses were set on fire and vandalised days after an island-wide state of emergency was imposed to curb riots in Kandy.
Countries around the world mobilised on Thursday for #internationalwomensday2018.
One Islamic university is going so far as threatening expulsion if women students refuse to remove the face veils.
Danish inventor Peter Madsen, who had previously admitted to chopping the journalist's body and throwing her remains overboard has changed his tune.
Birmingham police said no arrest had been made but authorities were in possession of the weapon used in the incident.
African-American representatives have expressed fears that arming black school employees could leave them vulnerable to being mistaken for attackers by police.
On Wednesday, a magnitude 6.7 aftershock struck the mountainous region already reeling from a 7.5 quake on February 26.
In a surprising turnaround, North Korea's leader said the country wants to talk to the US and would not need nuclear weapons if the country's security was guaranteed.
US intelligence agencies determined that Russia had meddled in the 2016 US election to help Donald Trump defeat Hillary Clinton.
The 19-year-old former student is accused of using a semiautomatic assault rifle to kill 17 students and faculty members at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland.
Seven men and one woman will spend between four and 10 years in jail for attacks on refugees and politicians. would like to send you push notifications.
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