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In the unsigned opinion with no dissents, the justices threw out the lower court decision on the grounds that the dispute became moot once the teenager had the abortion.
The House of Commons will discuss the repeal of an 1861 law that makes abortion illegal, but from which England, Wales and Scotland have long been exempt.
Schultz's announcement triggered immediate speculation that he may consider entering politics -- including running for president in 2020.
The coalition-backed forces are closing in on the Red Sea port, the main conduit for humanitarian supplies into a country where millions of people are in dire need of food aid.
Trump’s lawyer said that the US president "probably" had the power to pardon himself, but doing so would have "tough" political ramifications.
Demonstrations have rocked Jordan since Wednesday after the government adopted a draft income tax law.
A series of bombings in Kabul has killed dozens of people in recent months and shown no sign of easing during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.
At least 34 people go missing after a sudden volcanic eruption causes mudslides that bury five Andean villages northeast of Lima.
Volcan de Fuego, whose name means "Volcano of Fire", spewed an eight-kilometre stream of red-hot lava and belched a thick plume of black smoke and ash on Sunday.
President Donald Trump is due to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un on June 12 in Singapore with Pyongyang's nuclear arsenal high on the agenda.
Fuego volcano spewed an 8km stream of red hot lava and belched a thick plume of black smoke and ash that rained onto the capital and other regions.
'Italy and Sicily cannot be Europe's refugee camp,' he told a crowd of supporters under the blazing sun in the southern Sicilian town of Pozzallo, a migration hotspot.
The election commission said turnout by 1600 GMT was 34.3 percent compared to 35.6 percent in the last election four years ago, when 51.7 percent of the electorate ended up voting.
The Socialist party leader, a pro-European who is a newcomer to government, says he wants his government to last until mid-2020, when the parliamentary term ends.
Russian cosmonaut Anton Shkaplerov was on his way back to Earth on Sunday along with an official match football that could be used in the opening game of the World Cup in Moscow.
The German chancellor's budget target is a concession to the French president's view that an excess of austerity has undermined faith in the bloc.
The Trump Administration said on Tuesday that the US would follow through with tariffs on billions of dollars of Chinese imports, defying a trade truce reached last month.
United States Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross made the comments after trade talks in Beijing.
Conte was finally sworn in on Friday afternoon at the head of an anti-establishment and eurosceptic government, ending months of uncertainty since elections in March.
Finance ministers at this snow-capped mountain resort north of Vancouver, British Columbia instead spoke of exasperation and an abiding sense of betrayal by a long-time ally.
The driver reportedly claimed the man had tried to him. 10 bullet cartridges were found at the scene.
Yemeni forces are fighting to close in on the Red Sea port of Hodeida, used for delivery of crucial food aid.
The device was discovered during excavation work at the airport.
The border between British-ruled Northern Ireland and the rest of Ireland will be Britain's only land frontier with the EU after it leaves the bloc. would like to send you push notifications.
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