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Africans are celebrating Africa Day on May 25. We take a look at some of the top tweets from the continent.
Platini said Blatter fears a life of "emptiness" if he loses a vote for the FIFA presidency on Friday.
At least 16 people have been injured in a multi-vehicle crash on William Nicol Drive in Johannesburg.
A Virginia police officer has resigned after footage emerged of officers Tasering and pepper-spraying a man having medical emergency.
Clive Derby-Lewis continues his bid for medical parole.
Richie Porte has withdrawn from the Giro d'Italia after failing to recover from a fall on Friday 13'th.
On Africa Day, presents tattoos of and about the African continent. We asked those brandishing ink why they chose to get a tattoo of Africa, and what it means to them.
Officials warned the toll was almost certain to rise, with figures still being collected in some parts of the hard-hit Telangana state in the south of the country.
The case against Tony Yengeni was postponed to June 30 for plea negotiations to take place with the State.
Boko Haram raids another town in northern Nigeria, killing residents and overpowering police.