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A platform which allows people to categorise their entertainment interests into easy to use channels.
Zapacab is a taxi-cab web service that sits on your phone as an app - changing the way you catch a cab and gets you a reliable ride to you now-now, not just now.
A restaurant serving dishes made from food about be thrown away by supermarkets and other companies opened its doors in Copenhagen on Tuesday.
The British government earned £3.2 billion from selling six percent of Lloyds Banking Group, it announced on Tuesday.
Ster Kinekor goes on a spending spree - just what is going to change for our South African movie theaters?
Blackberry's fortunes have declined considerably over the past few years, opening the way up for a very different future in the company.
The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) announced the development of the world's first digital laser at a presentation on Tuesday.
A material limited to the super-car industry due to costs and ease of manufacture, carbon fibre is coming to a dealership to you.
IFTTT allows you to set parameters to certain tasks which basically automates your computing experience.
Professional businessmen, celebrities, and government officials in Vietnam buy and use rhino horn to strengthen their social status, says the World Wide Fund for Nature. would like to send you push notifications.
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