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Angelo Fick

Angelo Fick is a resident current affairs and news analyst at eNCA.  He has twenty years’ experience teaching and researching across a variety of disciplines at universities in South Africa and Europe.  Most recently he taught critical thinking and philosophy of science in the Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg.

Opinion 13 May 2014 06:10 am
Angelo Fick looks ahead to post-elections politics in South Africa and what the landscape is likely to look like.
Opinion 29 Apr 2014 09:42 am
In any organisation which professes to fight corruption and value transparency, officials must be held accountable.
Elections 2014 26 Apr 2014 13:34 pm
Half a lifetime ago, on 27 April 1994, I made a mark on a sheet of paper which was longer than it was wide. I was one of millions who did the same, most of us for the first time.
Opinion 15 Apr 2014 16:58 pm
On losing the plot in public.
Opinion 11 Apr 2014 13:32 pm
Anyone with experience of toddlers will attest to their ability to deny a fact in the face of evidence.
Opinion 08 Apr 2014 14:48 pm
Any speech, act or written document gives one much more information about the speaker or writer than it does about the subject thus treated.
Opinion 04 Apr 2014 07:39 am
Technology and bureaucracy are the hallmarks of our lives in the twenty-first century.
Opinion 01 Apr 2014 06:41 am
eNCA columnist Angelo Fick writes on prisons and imprisonment, focusing on the ‘Waterkloof Four’ and the moral chaos around the continued violation of parole and prison rules.
Opinion 27 Mar 2014 16:36 pm
eNCA political analyst Angelo Fick tackles the issue of South Africa being called a 'failed state' after the release of the Public Protector's report on Nkandla.
Opinion 20 Mar 2014 10:22 am
By sunset on 19 March 2014, South Africans were living in a slightly different country from the one they had awoken to at dawn.