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Erin Bates
South Africa 19 Jun 2014 11:22 am
South Africa’s Minister of International Relations, Maite Nkoana-Mashabane, is concerned about increased military presence in Lesotho’s capital.
South Africa 16 Jun 2014 10:45 am
Researchers say South Africa's mental health policies look good on paper, but they're failing people living on the streets.
South Africa 15 Jun 2014 13:23 pm
Thousands of Marikana residents gathered outside Wonderkop Stadium for a thank-you rally held by the Economic Freedom Fighters.
Information 09 Jun 2014 18:41 pm
Homeless people claim they are badly mistreated by Johannesburg metro police.
South Africa 09 Jun 2014 17:25 pm
Squatters in least two areas say police have intimidated them, taken their blankets and torched their belongings.
South Africa 06 Jun 2014 16:48 pm
Hundreds of learners attended a talk on harmful religious practice in Soweto. Occultism is like an insect that slowly traps its prey in a web, says one religious counsellor.
South Africa 05 Jun 2014 17:11 pm
Gauteng Human Settlements MEC, Jacob Mamabolo, says lawyers must study an eviction order against residents in Alexandra.
South Africa 05 Jun 2014 14:32 pm
The cold front has capped mountains in snow and brought hail to strawberry burrows in Paarl. One farmer says he hasn't seen weather like this in twenty years.