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Georgina Guedes

Georgina Guedes is a freelance journalist who loves to bring grey areas under the spotlight. She writes about politics, parenting, feminism and food – but not often in the same articles. She lives in Johannesburg with her husband and two children. You can follow @georginaguedes on Twitter.

Opinion 06 Jul 2017 15:42 pm
A recent Equality Court ruling that the F*ck White People exhibition did not constitute hate speech has people up in arms. Get over it, says GEORGINA GUEDES.
Opinion 26 Jun 2017 15:12 pm
All the media fuss about Gwyneth Paltrow’s recent Goop Conference highlights that an obsession with wellness is a function of privilege, says GEORGINA GUEDES.
Opinion 02 Jun 2017 14:23 pm
Read the news right now and you may feel that the bad guys are winning. But there are good people fighting back, and GEORGINA GUEDES believes they should inspire us all.
Opinion 26 May 2017 13:12 pm
The Marlborough Licensing Department encourages customers to make use of informal traders outside of its gates. GEORGINA GUEDES wonders why this arrangement isn’t more…well…formal?
Opinion 03 May 2017 19:22 pm
Thousands of parents flocked to the online GDE Admissions site yesterday – but will they get the quality of education they anticipate, asks Georgina Guedes.
Opinion 21 Apr 2017 15:09 pm
As a freelance journalist, GEORGINA GUEDES has firsthand experience of many of the South African media’s fact checkers. And guess what? Most of them aren’t doing their jobs.
Life 14 Apr 2017 14:11 pm
I am torn between wanting my children to have a fantastic hunt and horror at the mounting pile of sugar in their egg baskets, writes GEORGINA GUEDES.
Opinion 07 Apr 2017 08:32 am
It feels like a fairly universal truth that Zuma is a bad man, but it’s important for white people to understand that the protestors don’t speak for everyone, by GEORGINA GUEDES.
Opinion 31 Mar 2017 13:40 pm
As South Africa reels with the news that Pravin Gordhan has been sacked, GEORGINA GUEDES makes an appeal to the new Minister of Finance.
Opinion 24 Mar 2017 15:15 pm
If, after all that has emerged this week, you still believe there was equal blame or that the woman was asking for it, you need to re-examine your thinking, says GEORGINA GUEDES.