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Lester Kiewit

Lester Kiewit has been plying his trade as a broadcast journalist for close on a decade. He began in radio, and joined the wild world of television in 2008. He has forged a reputation as a tough, brave reporter, with a well developed visual sense. Born and raised in Cape Town, Lester takes great pleasure in exploring his home town, walking through the CBD, visiting and researching historical buildings and learning more about the city's indigenous history.

South Africa 11 Jul 2016 18:01 pm
Lester Kiewit visits his hometown of Grassy Park in the Southern Peninsula – a burgeoning middle class suburb which boasts a rich melting pot of religions and ethnicities.
South Africa 10 May 2016 18:33 pm
The Education Department could merge several schools in the Vuwani area. The cost of rebuilding is expected to be massive.
Money 22 Apr 2016 20:57 pm
Economic Development Minister made the announcement during his department's budget vote in Parliament.
South Africa 22 Apr 2016 20:14 pm
The party launches its 2016 local government election manifesto in Johannesburg on Saturdy, confident it can win not only in SA's economic hub - but also other key metros.
South Africa 10 Mar 2016 20:34 pm
Eskom says it's restructuring programme is bearing fruits -- it's been months since the power utility has had to implement load shedding.
South Africa 01 Feb 2016 20:29 pm
The ruling party's latest strategy is to steady the ship after having suspended two officials, Marius Fransman and Faiz Jacobs, in the Western Cape.
South Africa 30 Sep 2015 20:31 pm
Research shows people are less likely to turn to crime if they have healthy, supportive and stimulated childhoods.
South Africa 29 Sep 2015 05:07 am
As authorities prepare to release the country's latest crime statistics in Cape Town, some think tanks suggest fighting crime could begin in the home.
South Africa 15 Sep 2015 05:15 am
Perseverance pays off for a Cape Town police officer, more than a decade after a brutal murder.
South Africa 01 Sep 2015 05:37 am
Parliament will discuss the DA's motion to impeach President Jacob Zuma on Tuesday.