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Mike Siluma

Mike Siluma is Head of Stakeholder Relations at eNCA. He was previously chair of the National Association of Broadcasters and the South African National Editors Forum.

Africa 21 Nov 2017 13:09 pm
Zimbabwe's ruling Zanu-PF has initiated a process of forcing Robert Mugabe out of office through impeachment.
Opinion 26 Jul 2017 09:52 am
In our so-called Rainbow Nation, it's important to understand why the tweet comparing toddlers with dogs is offensive, writes MIKE SILUMA.
Opinion 29 Jun 2017 08:10 am
If radical economic tranformation and “inclusive growth” are the same thing, then why does the ANC and its government have two names for it? by MIKE SILUMA.
Opinion 30 Mar 2017 15:43 pm
Politically the struggle stalwart's funeral bore much symbolism of the values espoused by the founders of the ANC, writes MIKE SILUMA.
Opinion 27 Mar 2017 09:34 am
The CPS debacle, where the state was forced, not for the first time, to continue a contract already found to be unlawful, is perhaps the most obvious example. By Mike Siluma
Opinion 24 Feb 2017 09:17 am
The message of his budget, he said, was that tough choices had to be made to ensure, among other things, the end of inequalities and divisions. by MIKE SILUMA.
Opinion 09 Feb 2017 18:35 pm
The sharp increase in the deployment of army personnel for this year’s State of the Nation address says much about the kind of nation we have become, writes MIKE SILUMA.
Opinion 02 Nov 2016 18:15 pm
The president's greatest achievement may yet prove to be his feat of uniting and mobilizing society against the ANC and the government he himself leads, writes MIKE SILUMA.
Opinion 30 Aug 2016 14:26 pm
This time around, who will President Zuma send to ward off SA’s downgrade – possibly to junk status? The president has a real problem on his hands, doesn’t he? by MIKE SILUMA
Opinion 08 Aug 2016 08:29 am
While the poll was billed as a municipality affair, it had all the hallmarks and flavour of a national election, writes Mike Siluma.