by Yusuf Omar

Travel inside Syria with eNCA reporter Yusuf Omar, as he accompanies the Gift of the Givers on a crucial relief mission.

May 2013

Syrian small talk

“So how was Syria?” It's the mandatory question at dinner parties these days. Good… I suppose? In a professional sense. Bad, actually. Awful, in fact. It’s a war. Bombs are flying, people dying. Should we be making small talk about death? It seems that’s what most people want; preferably in 140 characters or less. A tweet, really. It’s not that they can’t handle the truth. It just doesn’t go down very...
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Apr 2013

Live from Syria

Standby. We are live from Syria in two minutes. Cameraman Joe Komane is on the hospital rooftop frantically trying to position the B-gan satellite, which is about as sensitive as a puberty ridden teen. I’m scaling a crumbling wall in a desperate effort to get cell phone reception. It’s a minute to go and we they have picture but no sound. I still can’t make a call. Without my phone I won’t...
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Apr 2013

More dead bodies than hot meals

I’ve seen more dead bodies than hot meals in the last two days. I’m not trying to be dramatic. It’s just a terrifyingly simple calculation of the rapidly deteriorating security situation. The explosions are only getting louder. More frequent. There were three rebels guarding outside the hospital yesterday. Today there are ten. The assault rifles slung over their shoulders are bigger, and anti-air missiles are being assembled. They are here to...
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Apr 2013

Welcome to Syria

I’m under a blanket and a candle I had just bought from a rifle salesman is flickering next to me. Nehari caught me talking to a group of rebels inside a darkened shop and took me back to his house. “Never go out at night,” he warns. Who is Nehari? That’s not important right now. The past 48 hours have been the best, and worst, of my life. The crossing from...
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