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  • News 23:00

    Moneyline: What would a downgrade mean for SA?

    Many expect that come June, South Africa will be downgraded by at least one ratings agency. So what would a downgrade mean for the rand, the JSE, inflation, interest rates and the economy as a whole? Moneyline’s Siki Mgabadeli speaks to Citadel Chief Strategist Dr Adrian Saville.

  • News 24:34

    Moneyline: Flying piggy banks, teaching kids about money

    Ever wished there were kids books about money to help parents explain financial concepts to their children? Financial Planner and mother Jean Achary did and took it upon herself to write her own one. Moneyline’s Arabile Gumede discusses Achary’s new book with her.

  • News 21:50

    Moneyline: The laws of business relationships

    In light of banks deciding to halt their business dealings with Gupta-linked company Oakbay, Moneyline’s Siki Mgabadeli discusses some laws that govern the relationships between businesses with Bernard Hotz, Werksmans Attorneys.

  • News 23:28

    Moneyline: Is the banking sector’s future bleak?

    Confidence in South Africa's banking sector has fallen sharply. EY's Banking Index dropped about 11 points in the first quarter. For more on the report, Moneyline’s Siki Mgabadeli speaks to Andrew Bates, Financial Service Sector Leader at EY Africa.

  • News 21:54

    Moneyline: How much is enough to live on in retirement?

    The latest Sanlam employee benefits benchmarch survey shows that only 35 point 1 percent of the people surveyed believe that they have enough to survive on in terms of their savings for retirement. So with many people living longer, what steps can we take to ensure that we have enough money to work with in retirement. Moneyline’s Siki Mgabadeli explores this with Mayuri Reddy, market strategist at Sanlam employee benefits.

  • News 24:02

    Moneyline: Unpacking policy reforms

    The Centre for Development and Enterprise has called for major policy reforms to rid the country of poverty, unemployment and excessive inequality, at the launch of its Growth Agenda series of policy reports. Moneyline’s Siki Mgabadeli unpacks this with The Centre for Development and Enterprise's, Ann Bernstein.

  • News 24:46

    Moneyline: Sidestepping hackers

    About 50-billion devices will be connected to the Internet by 2020. Although this improves efficiency and information exchange, it also exposes users to criminal activity, such as being hacked. Moneyline’s Dudu Ramela speaks to Candice Sutherland from SHA Specialist Underwriters about this issue.

  • News 23:34

    Moneyline: Bridging the gap between university and the work place

    Research shows that although University degrees and diplomas offer theoretical knowledge, they don’t adequately equip young people with the skills they need to transition from learning to the world of work. To help minimise this gap, Barclays Africa and Absa launched their ReadytoWork initiative. Moneyline’s Dudu Ramela speaks to Sazini Mojapelo, Head of Citizenship at Barclays Africa.

  • News 22:57

    Moneyline: Shareholder employees on the rise

    In recent years an increasing number of employees have become shareholders in their respective companies. Moneyline’s Arabile Gumede speaks to South African Rewards Association, reward expert Laurence Grubb about the kind of share incentive schemes available.

  • News 21:41

    Moneyline: So what does it take to start a business?

    Business is relatively simple, but not always easy. Moneyline’s Arabile Gumede speaks to Master Licensee for ActionCOACH South Africa, Harry Welby-Cooke.

  • News 22:35

    Moneyline: SA an international retirement treasure trove

    StatsSA says that more than 60% of all foreign nationals looking to retire in SA come from Europe, contributing R7.5-billion to the economy. Immigration lawyer, Gary Eisenberg speaks to Moneyline’s Arabile Gumede about why SA is such an attractive retirement destination.

  • News 23:46

    Moneyline: Bridging gender parity

    Moneyline’s Arabile Gumede speaks to Jack Hammer CEO, Debbie Goodman-Bhyat about whether or not South Africa’s employers have done enough to bridge the gap in gender parity.

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