Riding on sunshine with solar roadways

June 15 – The eco-friendly future of transport – solar roadways. Video: YouTube

The eco-friendly future of transport – solar roadways. After imagining "electric roadways" as a child and the growing concern over global warming, solar roadways became the brainchild of engineering couple Scott and Julie Brusaw.

Solar road panels can be installed on roads, parking lots, driveways, sidewalks, bike paths and playgrounds. Literally any surface under the sun.

They can pay for themselves primarily through the generation of electricity, which can power homes and businesses connected via driveways and parking lots.

A large enough system could produce more clean renewable energy than a country can use.

The panels provide other features as well -- heating elements to stay ice-free, LEDs to make road lines and signage.

It would seem that the Going Green movement has taken another step in the right direction with this resourceful invention.

Watch the video above for more on Indiegogo's Solar Roadways.





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