Is South Africa a couch potato nation?

Johannesburg - South Africans still own over a million more televisions than fridges. But we haven’t always been a couch potato nation. eNCA

JOHANNESBURG - South Africans still own more over a million more televisions than fridges.

That's according to the results of the latest General Household Survey.

But we haven’t always been a couch potato nation.

In fact, the apartheid government was so against TV that South Africans didn’t watch the live broadcast of astronauts landing on the moon.

South Africans will never forget the day they first turned on the television, about 40 years later than other parts of the world.

In the 60s, the National Party banned TV for “disseminating communism”, calling it the “devil's box”.

Today there are more devil’s boxes than fridges in South African homes.

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