OUTsurance failed to connect with South Africans: analyst

JOHANNESBURG, 19 June 2017 – South Africans on social media have fired fierce criticism at OUTsurance, in reaction to a Father’s Day video advert, featuring mainly white dads. Do we, as South Africans, still consider race as our first reaction? Video: eNCA

JOHANNESBURG – OUTsurance’s Father’s Day advertisement failed to connect with South Africa’s diverse population.

That was according to a social media analyst after the insurance company infuriated social media users on Sunday with its Father’s Day video.

Out of the 20 fathers featured in the clip, only one was black.

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The company was roasted for not appropriately representing the country’s demographics.

Social media analyst Yavi Maduari said this might hit OUTsurance where it hurts most, by losing clients.

“When you take something like Father’s Day -- it is not an advertising campaign; it is a feel-good awareness campaign,” said Maduari.

“It is not necessarily trying to sell a product.

"Because we have social media in our lives, information and responses happen in real time, so advertising then cannot be held off and not take that into account.”


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It was not the first time that OUTsurance came under fire for a lack of diversity in its video messages.

A similar incident happened on Mother's Day last month, in which the company's video featured only white mothers.

“Now we have got a pattern that people are responding to from a brand perspective," Maduari explained.

“It has gotten to a stage where people are saying that they are pulling their policies.

"And not only black people are saying that they are pulling their policies, and that is the interesting dynamic that is playing (out) on social media.”

OUTsurance has since issued an apology, saying it was an unintentional oversight.

But, social media analyst Tebogo Ditshego disagreed, saying the commercial was not an oversight.

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