Zimbabweans welcome new permits announced by Home Affairs
Africa 8 September 2017

JOHANNESBURG 08 September 2017 - The Zimbabwean community in South Africa is calling for the inclusion of undocumented Zimbabweans in South Africa's new permit criteria. The Home Affairs Department has announced the Zimbabwean Exemption Permit.​

#AFRICA : This week #Africa talks to an expert on African politics. We ask why there are so many controversies following election results
Africa 4 September 2017

We travel to Ghana to see how the country is positioning itself to take advantage of international tourism. We also also look at efforts between the EU and African countries to control people trafficking.

#AFRICA : This week #Africa talks to an expert on Nigerian politics
Africa 25 August 2017

The country has been facing calls for secession from numerous groups - from Islamists in the north, to Biafran activists in the oil-rich south. We ask just how serious are these demands and what will they mean for the future of Nigeria?

Checkpoint : Dead On Arrival – Part 2 of 3
Africa 23 August 2017

Without a steady income, those who die in South Africa face being buried as paupers. The alternative is to be smuggled home one last time, the same way they came – illegally

Checkpoint : Dead On Arrival – Part 1 of 3
Africa 23 August 2017

It’s estimated that about 400 a month die here, either of natural causes, or are victims of crime. What we do know is that the cost of repatriating the remains of the dead is mired in bureaucracy and is prohibitively expensive for most.

Checkpoint : Dead On Arrival – Part 3 of 3
Africa 23 August 2017

It’s business South African funeral parlours say they can do without. Repatriating Zimbabweans who die in South Africa is fraught with officialdom, payment hassles and risks. But there are always those ready to profit from death - and business is booming

#AFRICA : Could the US government under Donald Trump change African countries preferential status?
Africa 21 August 2017

This week’s edition of #Africa looks at how regional economic integration could help trade within the SADC. We’ll be talking to Catherine Makokera, from the Tutwa Consulting Group.

Zizi Kodwa: Makhosi Khoza is 'doing the work of the opposition'
Africa 18 August 2017

ANC Spokesperson Zizi Kodwa says Makhosi Khoza "will fall flat on her face when she leaves the ANC".

#Africa : Africa’s aviation industry needs strong infrastructure to grow – Expert
Africa 14 August 2017

Botswana is going ahead with plans to sell its loss-making national airline. Should other underperforming flag-carriers in Africa consider privatisation? #Africa explores this and more.

#Africa :This week #Africa looks at the problem of fake news which has plagued the Kenyan elections.
Africa 7 August 2017

In the program we also hear what ordinary Zimbabweans think of aging president Robert Mugabe’s declining health as he plans to govern the country for another term. We also look at fashion on the continent, as well as what’s been said on social media.