#Africa : Zimbabwe is heading to the polls
Africa 14 June 2018

Gideon Chitaga gives us a preview of what to expect in Zimbabwe's election. We also visit a Kenyan hospital where guitarist is healing patients through music

#Africa : A Mali man is granted citizenship in France
Africa 4 June 2018

Who were in South Africa for the first time last week for the Africa Day celebrations?

MDC Alliance calls for mass protests in Harare
Africa 4 June 2018

Zimbabwe's main opposition MDC Alliance has called for mass protests in the capital city Harare on Tuesday.

#Africa we go to a second hand clothes market in Rwanda
Africa 26 May 2018

We speak to Professor Sunday Okello from the University of Addis Ababa about the number of conflicts taking place across Africa, and what can be done to try mediate peace settlements. And we look at issues and news making headlines across the continent

Ninth Ebola outbreak in 40 years in DRC
Africa 18 May 2018

Axelle Ronsse of Doctors Without Borders explains the current situation in one of the cities experiencing cases of Ebola in DRC.

Mozambique peace talks hang in the balance
Africa 16 May 2018

Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi is calling on the international community for support, amid political conflict in the southern African nation.  The country's civil war ended in 1992, but conflict flared up again in 2013. 

#Africa : There are concerns that Zimbabwe could run out of beer by the middle of the month
Africa 12 May 2018

Our interview looks at the unrest in Cameroon's English-speaking areas continues. And in the second segment, art lovers are in for a treat. As the Biennale of African Contemporary Art is underway in Senegal.

#Africa : We have Africa Journalist, Crystal Orderson for our main interview
Africa 5 May 2018

In the second segment of the show we have a package on Joyce Banda. Who has just returned home. And is vowing to prove her innocence after more than three years in self-imposed exile.

#Africa: Former Malawi President Joyce Banda’s return from exile
Africa 28 April 2018

Our main interview explores President Cyril Ramaphosa’s recent visit to Angola. In the second segment, the DRC holds its first Fashion Show for the disabled

Four mass graves uncovered from Rwandan genocide
Africa 28 April 2018

JOHANNESBURG, 28 April 2018 - In 1994 Rwanda was in the grip of a genocide that left about 800 000 people dead. Over the past 24 hours news emerging of hundreds of bodies discovered from the genocide.