Africa 1 July 2013

From Monday, UN forces will be deploying in Mali. It’s set to become the organisation’s third-largest peacekeeping force by the end of the year.

Africa 1 July 2013

Thousands across Egypt are calling for President Mohamed Morsi to step down. Protests against Morsi began in Cairo's Tahrir Square. The mass rallies come on the first year anniversary of Morsi's swearing in.

Africa 1 July 2013

Tanzania is now gearing up to host the US President. Barack Obama and his family arrive in Dar es Salaam on Monday. And ordinary people have been sharing what they'd say to the American leader - should they ever meet.

Africa 28 June 2013

uel shortages have once again hit Egypt. Traffic has come to a standstill in the capital Cairo. Many motorists say this is just one example of the incompetence of Morsi’s government.

Africa 27 June 2013

Sources are reporting that a top Al Shabaab leader has been captured in central Somalia. The Al Qaeda-linked insurgents were driven from their trenches by African Union and Somali forces in August 2011, but have been fighting a guerrilla war ever since.

Africa 26 June 2013

Civil society groups in Senegal are using Barack Obama's visit to highlight lingering problems in the country. Civil society groups in Senegal are using Barack Obama's visit to highlight lingering problems in the country.

Africa 26 June 2013

Rights groups have called for an immediate halt to executions. Four death-row prisoners were hanged in southern Nigeria on Monday. Amnesty International believes another will be put to death this week.

Africa 26 June 2013

June 26 – Rwanda hosted its annual gorilla-naming ceremony. The big apes are critically endangered, so the event is a celebration of new births. But it's also a platform to highlight the plight of gorillas, and promotes sustainable conservation.

Africa 26 June 2013

Homophobia in sub-Saharan Africa has reached 'dangerous levels'. That's according to the latest report coming from Amnesty International. The rights group says more countries have passed laws criminalising same-sex relations.

Africa 25 June 2013

World-class surgeons have performed complicated surgeries on ordinary people in need as part of The Week in Healing initiative, which is in its 23rd year.